How to Make a Landing Page for Maximum Conversions: Part 2

How to Make a Landing Page for Maximum Conversions: Part 2

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How to Make a Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of presenting definite benefits and understanding your audience when you're beginning to create your landing page. This week, we're going to review some more landing page best practices that will help you gain more conversions. When a visitor gets to your landing page, they will know just what to do.

1. Create Strong, Uncluttered Landing Page Content

You don't have much time to connect effectively with visitors on a landing page. It's much like a first date. In most cases, people take only a few seconds to decide whether they are attracted or not, and this applies to landing pages as well. So include clear headlines, bullet points and concise information. Use the word "you" to make a strong connection with the visitor. Also, provide enough white space so that visitors' eyes have a chance to rest between reading. A visitor should be able to scan the landing page quickly and pick out the important information.

2. Place a Prominent Call to Action on Your Landing Page

You want your visitors to know exactly how and where to convert, so make your call to action (CTA) noticeable. Use contrasting colors and blank space behind the CTA to make it stand out, and use clear, simple words that encourage visitors to take action. Don't be vague about what will happen when a visitor clicks the CTA. Instead, tell them exactly what will happen. Read more about creating effective calls to action here.

3. Include a Video on Your Landing Page

You can use a few well-placed images on your landing pages as well, but there are few things that are as immediately engaging as a video. A video can explain something in 30 seconds that would take you two pages to explain in print. People find sound and images entertaining, and including a helpful video on your landing page can dramatically increase conversion rate.

4. Place a Customer Testimonial on Your Landing Page

In order to gain conversions, you need to create a sense of trust. A well-placed, strong customer testimonial can convince a visitor that your product or service is worth trying. It is wise to place the customer testimonial near your call to action, to encourage the visitor to click and reinforce the positive convictions of your landing pages.

Stay tuned for the final segment, Part 3! Want to make your own landing page? We have hundreds of professionally designed templates to get you started. Sign up for a free SimplyCast account and try out our landing page generator.

Check out Part 1 if you missed it.

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