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Coaching Engagement Solution

Many companies provide courses to their employees and others as a way to help them progress in their roles or to enhance their knowledge on a particular subject. These courses can be offered either in person or online in many cases.

Course instructors and administrators sometimes have to deal with many students at once and it can be difficult to keep track of where each student is in their journey, especially of students begin the course at different times, or learn at a different pace than their peers.

To help with the challenge of managing course progressions efficiently and effectively, the process can be optimized and digitized with an automated solution. This automated coaching engagement solution can assist instructors by providing an easy-to-use, and secure system that can be used to manage course progressions.

Here are the four parts of an automated coaching engagement solution for students and instructors.

1. Build a Student Database

When automating your coaching strategy, the first step is consolidating the contact information for all your students into a central contact database. In this database, you will need to make sure you are storing all the relevant information you need for each student, such as their names, their contact information, the courses they are taking, and any other piece of information you need.

Each student will have their own contact profile that can easily be viewed by instructors or course administrators, which will provide them with all the information they need to know about the student at a glance. This will make it easy for the coaching engagement solution to send course progression notifications and other content to the student whenever it is needed.

2. Confirmation Message

Once a new student indicates interest in a specific course by submitting a course registration form, it is important that they receive a confirmation message. This message should contain more details about the course, contact information for the course instructor, and a way to book a one-on-one consultation to see if the course is right for the student.

Once the confirmation message has been set up and configured by the course administrator, the coaching engagement solution will automatically send out this message each time a new student submits the form for the course.

3. Course Progression

The next part of the coaching process comes after the student has their one-on-one consultation with the instructor.

Following the consultation call, a student will submit another online form that will officially enroll them in the course. Another confirmation message will be sent out by the coaching engagement solution automatically upon submission of this form. This confirmation message should include any information about the next steps a student may have to take before beginning the course.

When a student is officially registered in the course, they will also be added to a pipeline which will automatically progress them through the different stages of the course, meaning instructors will easily be able to see where each student is in the learning process.

4. Feedback Survey

The last piece of the automated coaching engagement solution is to send students a final message once they’ve completed the course. This message can include a link to a feedback survey, which students can submit to provide any insights they may have as to how the course may be improved for future students.

This final message may also include any certificates the student has achieved by completing the course as well as some information on other courses that are offered. This helps keep students engaged even after the completion of the initial course.

Looking for an automated coaching engagement solution?

Are you now wondering where you might be able to find a solution that can help to automate the course progression and coaching process?

SimplyCast has developed an automated coaching engagement solution using its suite of interconnected tools that work together to move students seamlessly through courses from beginning to end, and enables instructors and course administrators to easily see where each student is in the process. With its built-in contact database, form builder, and automated workflow tool, SimplyCast can provide you with all the functionality you need to simplify the coaching management process and ensure students are getting the most out of your courses.

To learn more about how you can automate the course progression and coaching process using our coaching engagement solution, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo from our knowledgeable team!


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