Management & Nurturing: Financial Advisor Lead’s Journey

Management & Nurturing: Financial Advisor Lead’s Journey

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Management & Nurturing

Looking to gain more financial advisor leads? Any marketing automation platform boasts the ability to help you manage your business. You're concerned about the how.

How can marketing automation possibly help you organize, segment and nurture leads? As a financial advisor, time is money for you and your clients. This includes your leads. How can you maximize the effectiveness of marketing automation, and what would that journey look like to a customer? Here's a look at the life cycle of a lead with their advisor is using SimplyCast 360 to execute their marketing for this scenario, and is coupling it with what they already do.

1. Initial Contact

Consider that there is financial advisor leads surfing the web, looking into local advisors in their area. They happen to find your well-optimized site in the first few results on a search engine and open it up. When they look into you further, they find that you offer quick beginner tips on your Facebook and Twitter pages. That lead checks out the social media posts you've been putting up. These posts are automated and contain small pieces of advice with a link to a landing page with more information and a signup for a whitepaper. The lead clicks through and learns more about what you believe in and what you do. They're ready to begin the sales process. In this stage, both the social media tips and the landing page were a part of the SimplyCast 360 platform, automated and left to run. In the background, SimplyCast Sonar was tracking the pages they visited on your site, and then registered that they came in through the social media landing page. This was stored on an anonymous contact page in SimplyCast Contact Manager.

2. The Signup

The landing page was good and they took the opportunity to download your inbound whitepaper. After using the tips and advice in that document and proving that your ideas and approach worked for them, they booked an appointment. The information collected by the landing page gave a name and contact information to their previously anonymous lead information in Contact Manager. Now you have the information specifically for that person that tells you who this new lead is, what financial services they're interested in, and how you can begin to build a rapport as their advisor and turn them from lead into long-term client.

3. The Nurturing Process

The financial advisor leads signed up for a cursory interview, now you need to nurture them and show them that you can do more. Start by sending them an automated welcome email as well as an email identifying their account manager. It might even be wise to put a picture of their advisor in the email, to give them a face. Using merge tags can personalize the message with the lead's name and particular interests. Now begin a drip campaign that gives that lead a basic overview of your services and how you're going to apply it to help them succeed in the high level. Of course, at the deepest levels of planning, every person is different. But giving them a high-level idea of how, as their advisor, you can help that lead improve their financial situation is important. If possible, avoid using industry terms and promoting the specific service. Instead connect emotionally with your financial advisor leads by giving them drips about how these techniques will allow them to, for example, enjoy the benefits of financial security. Being financially secure is fine, but telling them how they can be emotionally satisfied by being secure is a much better technique.

4. Support

The new client has some questions for their advisor, and so are on the website to see if the answers might be in the blog or FAQ section of the site, when they notice a brightly colored bar at the bottom of their screen that advertises instant chatting with their advisor's office. Within moments their question is answered, and their satisfaction with the financial services being offered skyrockets since they know that they will be able to get answers quickly, effectively and without hassle. This is EngagerLive, a live chat software designed especially with support and sales in mind. 

This will continue, along with personal dialogue that helps you to both tune a plan to their needs and tune your marketing and communications to their specific situations. This will overall make them much more likely to come on board, and you were able to spend just as much time with current clients while building new financial advisor leads because of all the time saved. This will perpetuate with other clients, meaning that when a new lead comes into the office you aren't distracted by social media or writing out marketing material. On top of that, you can offer SMS reminders, fax tips for small businesses and more with our platform.

Find Financial Advisor Leads with Automation

To learn more about what we do and what you can do with our platform, have a look at our marketing automation page. Remember, our tools are designed to work together, but Sonar, Contact Manager and EngagerLive are all free!

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