SimplyCast Blog: The Many Different Faces of Twitter Autoresponders

The Many Different Faces of Twitter Autoresponders


1950s science-fiction junkies, rejoice! Automation isn't going anywhere.

(The irony of automation with social media is that it entirely defeats the purpose of the medium: the entire purpose of social media sites is to connect, chat and engage with the world. What does it mean that these one-off relationships are now scheduled a head of time?)

However, automating business-related social media presences is a lifesaver.

With Twitter, for example, a business account is more about relaying information rather than engaging in an on-going debate about the latest trending topic.

For marketing professionals, these automated Twitter apps allow for the controlled release of information while saving time and money.

A word of warning: Twitter, much like other social media sites, universally disapproves of automation abuse, and may likely result in account suspension or deletion. Always, always, read and understand the fine print associated with any automated service.

1. Direct Message Autoresponder: Automatically sends a direct, personal message to a follower, and more commonly used to thank new followers for signing up.

Many businesses send periodic direct messages to their followers that contain promotional material.

2. Automated Tweets: Third-party apps that allow users to create schedule and store Tweets ahead of time.

Automated Tweeting is perfect for busy professionals or marketers who need to follow a promotional timeline. SimplyCast, of course, offers an automated Twitter marketing service to anyone for free. All you need to do is sign up and get the Twitter party started.

3. Automated "External" Tweets: A great function that links your other websites to Twitter, so that if you post a new blog, video or promotion, its automatically Tweeted for you.

This is an amazing way to streamline your online presences and ensures continuity.

Got an example how you use any of these automation tactics to grow your business? Let us know on Twitter - @simplycast.

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