Marketing Automation for Agencies: What You Need to Know

Marketing Automation for Agencies: What You Need to Know

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Marketing Automation for Agencies

Agencies offer a wide range of services to aid their clients in navigating the digital marketing landscape. From search engine optimization and copywriting to social media management, PPC ads, and beyond, an agency can become a "Jack of All Trades" in the eyes of a client. Marketing automation is yet another tool agencies can use to complement their existing services and add more tools to their repertoire. What's more, marketing automation for agencies has uses for both clients and the agency itself.

If your agency is looking to leverage marketing automation, here's what you need to know.

Marketing Automation for Agencies

Keep Clients & Leads Engaged

Working at an agency is busy; there's always a blog due to post or an SEO project that needs completing. You don't always have time for a follow-up email to a lead or to send a marketing update to your clients. This is where marketing automation for your agency comes in handy for your own communications.

Nurture Leads

We all know that nurturing your leads is the best way to keep them engaged and increase the likelihood of them becoming your clients. But, when you're busy working with your existing clients, it can be hard to find time to keep in touch with your leads. With marketing automation, you can create campaigns that nurture leads individually based on their needs and preferences. The best part? It's all automatic.

Stay in Touch With Clients

Even if you're not currently working with a client, it's important to keep them engaged so that you stay front-of-mind for any upcoming projects. With marketing automation, you can have weekly emails sent to clients suggesting different projects they may be interested in depending on the projects they previously did with you. Staying in touch with clients is very important for retention, and marketing automation makes it easy.

Keep Your Team Organized

Organization is of utmost importance when you are working with many diverse clients. Each client has specific needs, which may differ from the others. There any many ways marketing automation can help keep your team organized and on track, thus improving client service and time management.

Storing Client Information

The first step to improving organization with a marketing automation platform is ensuring your agencies contact list and client information is properly stored. A marketing automation platform with a built-in CRM allows you to track interactions you've had with a client and make notes your team can share with each other.

Managing Client Accounts

With the potential for a robust, user-specific permission system, you can ensure only staff members that are supposed to be able to access specific campaigns or accounts can. And, with separate accounts for each client (all accessible from your main master account), you can ensure there is no data contamination. Essentially, all client accounts are kept separate and only those with the right permissions can access them.

Set Reminders to Keep Everyone on Track

Looking to keep your team updates and remind them of deadlines? Instead of manually emailing everyone every week with a reminder of upcoming tasks, you can create an automated campaign that triggers regularly with an update and reminder of what needs to be done.

Offer Your Clients More

Marketing automation for agencies is very helpful for maintaining communication with leads and clients, but it's also very helpful for your clients. With marketing automation, you have the option to offer it to your clients as a tool they can use to stay in touch with their consumer base. Seeing as your clients turn to you for advice on everything else within the realm of digital marketing, it only makes sense that you would be a trusted source and provider for them for marketing automation.

Offer your clients the option for automating their communication process, and even maintain the ability to manage it for them through a managed service. This expands both your service and product offerings.

And, there's no need to reinvent the wheel by creating your own platform. White label technologies exist wherein you take an existing platform and put your branding on it. This builds brand recognition and loyalty with your clients without you have to support the technology.

If your agency is interested in white labeling marketing automation, SimplyCast offers a white-labeled version of its 360 marketing automation platform. Access over 20 marketing tools and channels and offer them to your clients under your own brand — the perfect marketing automation for agencies solution. For more information on the White Label Reseller Program, visit this page.

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