Marketing Automation for Agencies: Top 5 Features You Need


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Marketing automation for agencies is one of the best tools a marketing or advertising agency can have. Save time, stay organized and keep employees on task using a marketing automation solution custom designed for agencies. What features should you look for when you are trying out potential agency marketing automation solutions?

Specific User Permissions

Agencies usually have several employees working on a campaign simultaneously. It is essential to ensure that each employee is working on their own section of the project. Other employees should not have permission to change or delete things that they are not working on. Set exact permissions for each of your employees. When they log in with their unique username and password, permissions are activated. This feature gives you control over how each agency employee uses the marketing automation for agencies software.

Easy Management of Multiple Accounts

Of course, as a marketing or advertising agency, you have many diverse clients. Managing all the data and campaigns for these clients is challenging. Ideal marketing automation for agency solutions organize multiple client accounts into a single agency account. Managing several accounts through one master account keeps things organized. It also saves time. Users do not have to switch between accounts or transfer information back and forth.

Multi-Channel Functionality

When managing clients' marketing and advertising campaigns, agencies now need to build a presence on many channels. Clients no longer just send out email campaigns. Now companies use email, text messages, social media, surveys and more to reach out to their customers. An ideal agency marketing automation solution includes multiple channels. Don't waste money and time using a different marketing solution for each channel. Having access to multiple channels enables agencies to save time and stay organized.

Integrated Contact Management Tool

Managing marketing campaigns for each of your clients is infinitely easier when you have a solid contact management tool. Many agency marketing automation solutions come with integrated contact management. This way, you don't have to transfer important contact data during campaign management. Data is updated automatically so you save time and keep all campaigns up to date.

Simple Client Billing and Subscription Management

You need to be able to manage client billing and account issues efficiently in order to provide seamless client service. Billing and management are easiest when they are integrated into your agency marketing automation solution. If you can use a single solution for all your client needs, you will reduce the time it takes to complete campaigns and gain client payments.

Marketing Automation for Agencies

SimplyCast offers a marketing automation for agencies. We offer these five essential features and many more. To learn about our agency solution, visit the Agency365 page. Then contact the SimplyCast team at



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