Marketing Automation for Contractors to Boost Efficiency

Marketing Automation for Contractors to Boost Efficiency

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Marketing Automation for Contractors

Construction companies are often working on multiple projects at once, often with builders and contractors switching between jobs, sometimes on a daily basis. Relying on manual reminders letting workers know where to show up the next day takes a lot of time, and there is always room for human error. This is where marketing automation comes into play. There are many ways construction companies can use marketing automation for contractors to ensure maximum efficiency at the firm, and help make sure all your workers are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Store contact information into a CRM

In order to better organize all your employees' contact information, you can store it into a CRM that is built into your marketing automation platform. Once the information is in the platform, you are able to easily sort all your employees into lists based on their job details. Now, you can send the information that pertains only to the contractors to the appropriate people, while not having to send out mass messages to every other employee at the same time.

The information you store in the CRM will be updated automatically whenever your employee updates his or her information. These changes could be made either manually, through an update form, or by some other means. Automating this process saves your construction company time to focus on other important daily tasks.

Send messages to your employee's preferred mode of communication

You can use marketing automation for contractors both on and off-shift. Chances are if you send out a company-wide email Sunday evening with the upcoming week's schedule, some of your employees will either not have access to it and others simply won't open it.

One way to ensure that your employees receive and read your message is to send the message to their preferred method of contact. Send out a form to each employee asking them how they would like to be contacted with scheduling information. With a marketing automation platform such as the one SimplyCast provides, you are able to send automated messages a number of different ways.

Depending on your employees' preferences, they could choose to receive next week's schedule via email, a phone call, or even by SMS message. Sending out messages to all these different forms of communication may seem like a daunting task, however, you can write all your messages in advance and schedule them to send automatically all at once. Do this with just with the click of a button.

Always have a backup plan

If your construction company wants to be 100 percent sure that every employee reads the messages you send out, there is a way you can do this by using marketing automation.

You can create a communication campaign in the platform which includes delays in which the employee has a specific amount of time to open the message. If the message remains unopened for too long, a follow-up message will then be sent out.

You can even set up the campaign to send the message to another communication channel to maximize the chance that your employees will read it.

Learn more about marketing automation for contractors and construction companies!

If you would like to learn more about how marketing automation can make your construction company run more efficiently, sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast 360. Or, you can contact the SimplyCast sales team to learn more about what our marketing automation platform can do for you!

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