Blending Marketing Automation and Night Club Promotion Ideas

Blending Marketing Automation and Night Club Promotion Ideas

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Night Club Promotion Ideas

Most of the time, when you think about promoting a new club, you think paper ads, radio announcements, flashy signs and other real-world adverts. But what about implementing night club promotion ideas that take advantage of the huge benefits and possibilities in the digital world? There are many ways that awareness can be raised, and events can be promoted. In writing this, I'll touch on opportunities that are often overlooked when promoting a night club, and could be put to huge use.

I have a social media page and it's not doing anything for my club. What are my promotion ideas missing?

Something that should be on your radar regardless of industry is that the market is incredibly customer driven right now. People want to feel that they're getting personalized messages, so survey your customers. See what they want to see in your advertising. Night clubs especially need to consider this in their promotions. Do they have a theme? Are their ideas new, or overused? If they're new in town, how is the best way to get people to check them out? How should they offer specials? Here are some examples of marketing automation with effective night club promotion ideas.

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are a core e-marketing strategy for any business. By offering a newsletter about what events are happening and what important information is relevant to specific customers, as well as introducing your staff and talking about the atmosphere you want, you can draw customers in. By drawing in people who believe in excellent customer service, you'll be able to create a memorable experience, despite the prevalence of night clubs in your industry. You'll stand out from other clubs in the area.

2. SMS Specials

Something that is good to remember is the number of prospective patrons who have their phones on them all the time. This same principle can be applied to social media as well. Offering patrons an opt-in to receive messages each evening that tell them what your special is for that night can draw in people that might have otherwise gone elsewhere. You can even send a text once weekly that lists the drink specials for that week. Offering a promotion on a specialty drink can be incredibly useful in drawing in new patrons and keeping old ones coming back.

3. Leverage fame

The buzz a night club might get for streaming an event that involved big names, or for having a locally famous band or individual performing lasts for weeks or months before and after. Leverage this at every opportunity, spreading the word over email, social media, and paper advertising. Anything you can do to spread the word will help. Even holding parties celebrating a specific celebrity or organization in your community. Pay attention to the media, for example, holding an event with discounts for the local papers and other media members. They will, in turn, refer you to their social circles or bring friends with them, increasing your reach.

4. Interact with your social media

Having a social media page is fine, and using it to advertise or promote is even better. But is it really all you can use your social media for? Announcing your club events, specials and general information is cool, but having contests, allowing customers to vote on your next themed event at the club, and even asking for their ideas on certain aspects of your services can engage them, making them feel valued even when they're not in your establishment. This will lead to more loyal customers that prefer you over the competition and these customers are likely to bring friends and family with them when they visit your night club.

5. Target your messages

Sending out emails and SMS messages to your mailing list about an "Under 30" night could get awkward if you sent it out to everyone. You want patrons who come out for a specialty night to feel safe and comfortable in your night club. You also want to be able to reach the right group so that entry isn't delayed by a huge line of people who want access to an event that they're not eligible for. This can even be applied to a loyalty club or a VIP group. You want to target your messages based on the appropriate demographics, and actions that your subscribers take with your correspondence. Make sure that the right promotion gets exactly where it needs to.

These are just a few marketing automation and e-marketing strategies that will give new life to your night club promotion ideas. Check out our custom-tailored night club page for more, and be sure that you have a look at what our marketing automation platform can do for you as well.

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