What Marketing Automation Offers Your Web Host Customers

What Marketing Automation Offers Your Web Host Customers

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Web Host Customers

Marketing automation tools are in high demand from web host customers. More and more, customers are seeking an all-in-one solution that provides marketing automation and web host services in a single solution with a single bill. By reselling a white label solution, you can provide the complete solution, retain your customers, increase revenue and get ahead of your competitors.

Our white label solution has all the tools your customers want in a single easy-to-use platform. All the customers you acquire are yours and you are free to set your own prices, as the solution is rebranded by you.

So, once you decide to white label, what are the top benefits of your new automated marketing solution that you can advertise to your current and potential new customers?

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1. Save Time and Effort

Marketing automation saves time and boosts productivity by increasing the amount of things you can do with your time. It also makes it easier to connect with customers effectively. This is especially important to SMBs because they do not have unlimited human resources or an unlimited budget.

Your customers can give their efficiency a huge boost by using marketing automation for their marketing and communication needs. By automating many small yet constant tasks, SMBs can free up hours of time each day while still maintaining strong, active marketing strategies.

2. All in One Solution

Many SMBs use one provider for web hosting services, one for email marketing, another for list management, and yet a different one for surveys. Dealing with multiple providers and bills every month can get costly and eat up a limited budget quickly. It is also confusing because all their information is in different places and their staff needs to learn how to use many different platforms.

Using a single solution for all their marketing and web hosting needs simplifies things for SMBs and makes the most of their budget. Everything they need is provided by you in one simple, powerful solution. And that creates customer loyalty.

3. Affordable for SMBs

Once you start the white label program, you set your own prices for your customers.

Because all the tools they need are in one solution, your SMB customers will find that they can easily afford your services. Rather than paying multiple bills to multiple providers, they have a single bill which they pay to you. Simple and affordable.

4. Create Personalized Campaigns

With the white label solution, you can offer easy campaign personalization to your customers. Targeted campaigns outperform mass campaigns almost every time, helping your customers to grow their business.

Marketing automation software allows a very small business or a large enterprise business to send out personalized campaigns to each of their customers. Customer preferences, history, dates and other information is collected automatically and organized so that customers can receive messages targeted directly to their needs and interests. Targeted campaigns are more likely to be opened and responded to, increasing their success and conversion rate.

5. In-Demand Tools

Our white label solution allows you to offer your customers some of the most in-demand automated marketing tools available. These include social media management for Twitter and Facebook, email marketing, online surveys, contact management, online signup forms, text message marketing and much more.

This white label solution is unique not only because it offers 15 different automated marketing tools in the same solution, but also because it provides the only Customer Flow Communication solution with automatic date-based and behaviour-based triggers, as well as personalized campaign messages that customers can interact with based on their own unique needs and interests.

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