Using a Marketing Automation Solution Built for Agencies

Using a Marketing Automation Solution Built for Agencies

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Many marketing and advertising agencies are now using marketing automation. Marketing automation helps make client campaign creation and management simpler and more efficient. But if you are using a marketing automation solution that is not designed for agencies, you will run into some challenges.

Agencies have special requirements that other companies do not have. If your marketing automation solution is too general to meet your needs, you will find it difficult to manage client campaigns and keep your staff organized.

Why should I use a solution designed for agencies instead of a standard marketing automation solution?

General marketing automation solutions are often accessed through a single login. This makes sense for companies that have only one or two staff members using the solution. Agencies, however, frequently have many different staff members involved in campaigns.

Some of these users need high level permissions to create, edit, delete, and manage campaigns. Other users need access to client billing and subscriptions. Some users may be new employees and should only have permission to input specific content or edit small aspects of the campaign. With just one login, it is almost impossible to manage these various permissions.

A solution that is designed for agencies includes multiple logins. Users login to a single account, but based on each of their unique usernames and passwords different permissions are activated upon login. Unique logins enable the master account holder to manage employee permissions without any complications. Permissions ensure that employees work on their own tasks and do not have access to parts of the campaigns that they are not approved for.

I have a lot of different client accounts to manage. Can I do this using marketing automation?

Using a marketing automation solution specifically designed for agencies makes it simple to manage multiple diverse client accounts. Agency solutions enable you to manage many different client accounts through a single master account. Transferring data and managing billing and account issues is simple and efficient.

With a general marketing automation solution, you have to manage each client account separately. This takes valuable time out of your day and it can get confusing. You cannot manage multiple accounts easily and you have to log out of one in order to log in to another.

I'm not sure I need an agency solution. Where can I find more information?

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