Marketing Automation Strategies for This Holiday Season

Marketing Automation Strategies for This Holiday Season

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Marketing Automation Strategies

While everyone is thinking about Halloween, you should in fact be focusing on the upcoming holiday season and how you will spend your marketing dollars. Executing a well-orchestrated multi-channel marketing campaign will make all the difference in winning the fight for consumer dollars this November and December.

So, consider the unique needs of different segments of your audience and take advantage of the efficiencies and low-cost that marketing automation technology can afford you.

Simplycast's Multi-Channel Marketing platform can help you conduct a coordinated campaign across email, SMS, social media, voice broadcasting, fax marketing and more.

Working in a particular industry and want to know what works best for you? We also offer industry-specific solutions to get the job done..

Here are a few suggestions for ensuring that your multi-channel marketing strategy and tactics will give you plenty to be happy about once the 2012 holiday season is over.

Develop an email newsletter campaign

Create email newsletters and include click to buy links and invitations to receive special in-store promotional discounts during the holiday buying season.. For even greater impact, encourage people to opt-in to receive your text message advertising (or fax) if they haven't already opted into your SMS marketing list. Link them to your Facebook or Google + page so they can keep up with your latest news and special holiday promotional events. Don't waste this opportunity to provide information about the latest industry trends or hot button topics that your clients should know about. This makes your customers view you as not just a retailer, but also a valuable information resource. Remember engaging and providing something of value is your goal at the end of the day.

Create a Black Friday promotion

The American Thanksgiving will be here sooner than you think and so will Black Friday (November 23rd this year). So, why not advertise with a cross-channel marketing campaign? In early November, weeks before your Black Friday event, advertise your customer-only sale on your Facebook fan page and then send out an email to your list that reminds your customers about the event. At the same time, send out a text message that reminds those customers to check out the Facebook page for more information and text your mobile keyword to your short code for the special mobile coupon. This may sound complicated but really it is not. All of SimplyCast's marketing automation tools are in one account and easy to set up. Then, the week before your sales event, send out another email and text reminder with a different message that complements one another. When you have access to over 15 marketing tools, there are endless combinations to do this. You can use fax, voice or create an online survey. It really depends on your business and how you engage your users.

Host a special customer-only event

What better way to create a connection with your customers than making some of the shopping days before Christmas a special event? Based on your data, invite your very best customers to a holiday open house or in-store event. You have probably seen before stores offering employee discounts to the mass market on particular days or even contacting everyone who bought a car from your dealership that year for deals on other products. Again, being creative is the key and using event management automation tools makes it easy to do.

Voice your holiday greeting

Wish all of your customers on your list a happy holiday season by recording a voice broadcast message. Then, when it is time for them to do their holiday shopping or, at least, pick up a last minute holiday gift, you will be sure to be on their minds.. You can even use this voice greeting as a way to invite customers to your special holiday shopping event that we mentioned above. Just make sure if you use any holiday songs, that you have the rights to use it. May we suggest your team singing it to show a personal touch. Complimenting a voice broadcast with an email blast or SMS message is a great way to engage users.

Send a wish list type online survey

Online surveys are great for feedback. You can't improve without knowing what your customers think. So, this would be a great time to put together an online survey and send it to all your customers. Frame it as a Christmas wish list, asking for what they would like to see added in the future, has their experience been naughty or nice, you get the idea. Also, add a promotional code at the end to thank them for their input and tie that code into your other marketing campaigns. Anything from free shipping options, to discounts or a  free white paper. The end of the year is the perfect time to get tips on what your users are really looking for so you can put those requests in for early in the new year. This survey can be sent by email, SMS or even posted on a blog or website.

Save time with marketing automation

Although the leaves have just started to fall, now is the time to think about your holiday promotions. A well-executed multi-channel marketing strategy that takes email marketing and complimentary campaigns can take your message a step further so you can set your sights on a profitable 2012 holiday season.

Looking for even more options for your all-in-one marketing attack? Take a look at all the tools SimplyCast provides for your business ot fully engage with clients, no matter the mode of communication. Sign up for a free account today.

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