Marketing and Communication Tools: Blocklist Monitor

Marketing and Communication Tools: Blocklist Monitor

blacklist monitoringblacklist monitor
Blocklist Monitor

A blocklist monitor helps you protect and maintain your online presence. If you're not currently using a blocklist monitor, the messages you are sending could be at risk.

An IP address could be blacklisted by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) if it has been sending unsolicited messages and spam or if it was reported. If any of these things have happened to one of your IP addresses without your knowledge, then the messages being sent through those IP addresses are not being sent to your recipients.

This is where a blocklist monitor comes in.

A blocklist monitor will check your IP addresses to see if any are blocklisted. And, if there are any blocklisted, you will get an alert so you can remedy the problem.

Now, how do you use a blocklist monitor?

Using a blocklist monitor is quite simple. With the SimplyCast Blocklist Monitor, for example, you just enter the IP addresses you are using and it will monitor them automatically for you. If the blocklist monitor finds a blocklisted IP address, it will send you an alert via email so you can work quickly to start the blocklist removal process.

If you'd like more information about SimplyCast's Blocklist Monitor, visit this page.

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