Marketing and Communication Tools: Fax Automation

Marketing and Communication Tools: Fax Automation

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Fax Automation

Fax marketing is not dead.  If you are looking to reach businesses or organizations, fax is one of the easiest and most direct ways to communicate with them. There are now new ways to do your fax marketing without using a fax machine!

Fax automation allows you to use the internet to transmit your fax marketing to any fax machine.

Here's how to use fax automation through the SimplyCast platform.

Design your fax

You can create your fax and upload it as a PDF or create it within the platform as an HTML document. For your cover page, you can edit the default one provided or upload your own as you did with the main fax. Make sure you preview the fax before you sent it to ensure that your content looks like you planned.

Schedule the fax

After it has been uploaded and you like how the fax looks, choose the contact list you want to send it to. You will also have to add your sender name and your TSID if you like.

From here, you can choose when to send your fax. You have the option to send it immediately or at a specific time.

Review your project

Before you finalize the sending, make sure you review the campaign. You will be provided with an estimated cost as well as a scheduling overview and a final preview of the campaign.

If you'd like some more information about fax automation, visit this page.

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