Marketing For Financial Advisors: A Mobile Approach

Marketing For Financial Advisors: A Mobile Approach

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Marketing For Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are presented with some unique issues. People are more private now than ever before, and they don't generally like sharing their financial details. When they do, they are more than likely going to second guess every step of the way and do their own research to figure out why. By engaging prospective customers and customers alike in unique ways, you can circumvent that. In order to engage your customers and prospects effectively, you need a way to contact them any time of the work day, anywhere they are. The answer to that problem is mobile marketing. While this isn't the only kind of marketing you'll be doing, it does allow you to contact customers and prospects anytime, anywhere. These are key tips to mobile marketing for financial advisors.

The open, quick contact of mobile marketing isn't the only incentive, either. More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. By next year, some experts theorize that more people will be using the internet on their mobile devices than by PC. So having the ability to move to mobile marketing easily is vital for a good, and consistently growing financial business. This process can be started by adapting a mobile friendly web page, but it doesn't stop there. There are a few other things that can be done that will greatly improve an advisor's chances of marketing successfully in the mobile world. Here are a few things that you can do to take steps in the right direction for your marketing.

1. Mobile Friendly Emails

Email marketing is getting to be a big part of every financial business' marketing. It would be a big problem if your prospects and customers had to be at home or at work in order to view your messages. Even on a laptop, you're restricted to wherever you can get wireless internet. A mobile device often has a data plan that can replace wifi, and allow a consumer to view your information regardless of their location with few exceptions. By making your email marketing mobile friendly you ensure that anyone, anywhere can read your content. This means that more people will be engaged and receive messages when they need to.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a sure way to get people's attention, and as financial advisors, you want that. Your site can be mobile friendly, and you can have awesome emails, but the public would much rather have video. That's just the way it's going. And it means changing your marketing, but when hasn't marketing changed? People are always changing, and marketing should be too. Video marketing is something that is generally pretty eaten up, and on a mobile device, that video is even more important. On a text ad, a person can see other ads, or be distracted by other happenings on the device. If they play a video, they are likely to watch it full screen, without distractions. This sort of total engagement for the three or four minutes of your video is important. Even if they don't watch the video, having an audio track they can listen to on the way to work is another good way to use multimedia marketing to your advantage as financial advisors.

3. Text Message Advice

People don't want a song and dance anymore. They take their information, even their news in short, quick bursts. What better way to entice them into learning more than by offering the curious among your prospects free text message tips that will help them to get started? This would continue on into the stage where they become customers, with the tips getting juicier after they have signed up for your service. Those quick, easy tips and reminders are a service that some clients would thrive on. It might seem like giving away what you do for free, but the real meat of financial management and building a financially secure life is still something you offer for a fee. The tips would help prospects identify trouble areas and be able to tell you where their spending or investing was breaking down, allowing you to provide financial advice and resolve their issue more quickly than ever before.

Of course, these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, pun wholly intended. The truth is that your marketing puzzle will always be changing, always evolving and adapting to the marketplace, and you have to be open to new ideas like these ones in order to stay on top and really grow. We offer mobile friendly emails, as well as an SMS service to help you do just that. For more marketing tips, ideas and articles you can look at the financial advisor page custom tailored to your industry. For more information on our services, and how you can automate them you can take a peek at the future of marketing on our marketing automation page.

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