Marketing in Hospitality: 3 Easy Ways to Reach Guests

Marketing in Hospitality: 3 Easy Ways to Reach Guests

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Marketing in Hospitality

 Here are just a few simple ways that hospitality businesses can use marketing automation to reach their guests more effectively. Automation enables you to save time and connect with more guests through effective hospitality marketing.

Show Off Your Hospitality Business on Social Media

Whether you run a restaurant, bar, hotel or resort, one of the essential ways to attract new guests is to create an inviting guest experience before they even get there. Social media is an ideal way to promote your hospitality business without all the usual marketing jargon. Social media is personal, interactive and fun.

Post pictures and videos of your location, hospitality buildings and surrounding community so people will get interested. Visual content is highly sharable on social media. Pictures and videos of your guests are also very engaging. Contests, hospitality services discounts, guest reviews and news are more types of content that are popular for hospitality businesses.

Send Personalized Emails to Each Guest

Personalized messages help you build guest loyalty and bring in repeat business. If you're trying to manually personalize all your messages, it would take up too much of your time. If you automate the marketing process, however, each guest will quickly and easily receive messages that are relevant to their needs and interests.

Provide a simple signup form on your hospitality website and your social media pages so guests can sign up to receive your messages. Send out special marketing promotions, coupons and special event notifications. This helps draw guests in and gets them excited.

Keep Guests Connected with Text Message Promotions

Text messages are a very immediate form of communication and marketing, so they are ideal for limited time promotions and upcoming hospitality event invitations. Most text messages will be opened within five minutes of the time they are received.

Send out text message coupons, invitations to dinners and other events, discounts, limited time promotions and so on.

Sign Up for a Free Trial of Automated Hospitality Marketing

Automated marketing in the hospitality industry is growing as small businesses explore the efficiencies it creates. Sign up for your own 14 day free trial of our automated solution. And request a demo of the solution by clicking the button below and have your questions answered by our friendly team.

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