Marketing Hospitals Using Automation Saves Time

Marketing Hospitals Using Automation Saves Time

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Marketing Hospitals Using Automation

Getting new and recurring patients into your hospital among a sea of competing hospitals is almost as stressful as the emergency room sometimes. By automating many processes that take up your time and staff resources, you make the process of marketing hospital services much simpler and more efficient. Let's look at a few of the ways marketing automation can assist you with your hospital marketing.

Reach Out to New Patients

Social media is important for hospital marketing because many people considering your hospital will check out your social media pages to get an idea of your services. Social media posting takes up your time if you do it manually, but with the help of marketing automation it's simple. You just create posts in advance and they are automatically posted for when you schedule them.

Share stories about your hospital and your patients (with their permission, of course), keep the community updated on your ongoing health services, post messages letting people know when a flu bug is going around and remind them to get their flu shots and so on. Social media engages your community while also promoting your hospital.

People will also post comments on your social media pages. Address concerns and questions promptly in order to show that your hospital is responsible and provides great service.

Connect with Current Patients

Keeping current or past patients updated and connected helps to keep them loyal. It also encourages them to recommend your hospital to family and friends if they require healthcare services. Using marketing automation, connect with patients through email, text messages or voicemail. Patients can select which communication method they prefer.

Provide timely reminders to keep patients on track with their healthcare plans. An automated solution organizes all patient data and automatically sends personalized reminders at the appropriate time.

Providing educational content is a great way to show that your hospital is a best in class healthcare facility. Keep in touch with patients by sharing healthy living tips, important hospital news and healthcare events, seasonal illness warnings and more. These messages are sent out automatically so you can provide ongoing personalized care without worrying about organizing or sending the messages.

Measure Engagement and Track Interaction

Just as important as creating and distributing marketing material is tracking how it's performing. Your marketing automation solution delivers detailed reports on how each post and message is doing. By reviewing your reports regularly, you will learn how to optimize your content and your sending. See what strategies and messages are effective and which ones need more work by seeing real-time reports of how people are engaging with your content.

Try Automated Marketing for Free

These are only a few of the many ways marketing automation makes your hospital marketing and communication more efficient. With an all-in-one marketing solution like SimplyCast 360, you can take care of all your marketing and patient communication from a single place. Sign up for a 14 day free trial and try it out! Our team is always here to give you an interactive demo of our marketing software and answer questions.

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