Marketing Mini Myth: Do SMS Messages Engage?

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So, we all know that SMS messages get read. After all, SMS has an open rate of 98 percent. But, do your customers actually engage with the text messages they open?

The answer is yes.

SMS messages have a click-through rate of 19 percent whereas the average click-through rate for email is only three percent.

By including a URL in your SMS message, you incentivize your recipients to click on it and explore the offer or site you have extended to them. Some of this may have to do with marketing emails being seen as spam whereas SMS messages are a more personal form of communication. It may also be that when you send someone an SMS, they get an instant notification.

These instant notifications to mobile phones are resulting in sales. Because of a marketing text messages, 16 percent of smartphone users reported making a purchase. Additionally, half of the people who reported making a purchase based on a text message actually made the purchase from their phone. This is why it is important to make sure any URLs you are providing to users via SMS message are mobile-friendly – it's a simple way to increase sales.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of SMS marketing, be sure to visit this page.


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