Marketing Non Profit Organizations: 4 Ways to Gain Donors

Marketing Non Profit Organizations: 4 Ways to Gain Donors

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Marketing Non Profit Organizations

Are you having trouble finding new donors to contribute to your nonprofit cause? Having consistent donors who you can rely on is essential, yet in order to grow you need to reach out to new donors. Social media is a highly effective way to gain new donors. When you have a small staff and a limited budget, marketing nonprofit organizations is challenging, even on social media.

There are, however, many small things you can do to connect with new donors and spread your nonprofit message. An automated marketing solution will help you make the most of your time and budget. Here are four simple ways you can increase your reach and gain new donors using social media.

Post Regularly

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a new audience. Post regularly in order to show that your nonprofit organization is active. You can easily automate your social media posting to save hours of time. Create posts ahead of time and an automated solution will post them for you over time, saving you the manual work.

By creating engaging nonprofit social media content, you will make your followers and visitors want to share your content. When your content is shared, it reaches a new and wider audience.

Create Visual Content

What types of posts bring in the newest donors? Visual content is much more likely to be shared and interacted with than non-visual content. Take pictures of your nonprofit volunteers at work and feature loyal donors in donor spotlights to highlight their dedication (with their permission, of course).

Videos are another great way to boost interest in your nonprofit and entice visitors to stay on your page longer. Create videos that focus on how your organization and your donors have helped your cause. Videos are likely to be liked, shared and retweeted. They quickly grab attention and educate potential donors without them having to read.

Use Hashtags

Reach new eyes by using nonprofit hashtags. Hashtags enable you to join conversations on social media and make your tweets or posts searchable, increasing your exposure. Using generic hashtags such as #Donate, #Fundraising and #DisasterRelief is a good idea. You can also use more specific nonprofit hashtags like #GivingTuesday and #Video4Change. When you use hashtags, more people will see your tweets.

Post Updates

As your nonprofit campaign progresses, post updates to your social media pages. These posts should encourage visitors to donate, and let them know how essential their contributions are. "Our holiday gift campaign is going great but we still need more donors! Without your help, many families in need will not be able to provide gifts this holiday season. Click here to donate now." Always include a call to action so people can donate easily.

Try our nonprofit marketing solution for free to see how marketing automation can help you reach new donors and spread the word of your cost. Or sign up for a free marketing automation demo hosted by our experts.

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