Personal Training Services Marketing: Personalization

Personal Training Services Marketing: Personalization

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Personal Training Services Marketing

Personal training isn't just about getting your clients to exercise and collecting payment at the end. Personal training is about building a trusting connection with someone and motivating them to help them reach their goals. That's what creates loyal clients who will bring in repeat business and spread the word to new clients.

You're focused on meeting your clients' needs and personalizing a plan of action for each client. Your marketing and communication should be just as personalized as your personal training plans. But how can you create and distribute personally targeted messages for each of your many clients?

Trying to run personalized marketing campaigns for each client manually would take up your whole day. Add marketing automation. Including automation in your personal training marketing strategy enables you to reach out to new clients and stay in meaningful contact with current clients throughout the year. It frees up your time and increases the effectiveness of your marketing.

Boost Motivation with Personalized Messages

How do you keep a personal training client motivated and ensure that they don't drop off? Create personalized campaigns that focus on their individual personal training needs and fitness goals. Automated campaigns are sent out based on data stored in each client's personal profile. Each client receives messages that are relevant to them, engaging their interest and making it less likely that they will drop out of your personal training program.

Increase Efficiency with Automated Reminders

Enter all your client's personal training data into an integrated contact management solution so individual reminders can be sent out automatically. Client's payment is due? They receive an automated reminder so they're not late paying for your services. Client's personal training session takes place at 9:00 this morning? An automated reminder ensures that they don't forget.

Build Loyalty with Personalized Promotions

What is more engaging than an exclusive promotion only for you? Celebrate clients' birthdays and achievement of personal training goals with personally targeted promotions. Promotions are automatically sent out based on stored data, which is updated both automatically and manually. These can include anything from a discount on one month of personal training services to a coupon for merchandise or fitness gear.

Nurture Leads with Automatically Targeted Campaigns

Ever have a personal training lead contact you and then never hear from them again? Don't let your leads go cold. When a lead signs up or contacts you, have an automated survey sent out to gain more information about their needs. Based on the data you have gathered, messages and personal training resources are sent out that are relevant to the unique lead. Personally targeted messages are much more effective than generic messages. They build engagement with your leads and make it more likely that they will become personal training clients.

Reach Out to New Clients on Social Media

Marketing personal training services to new clients can be more exhausting than any workout. Social media is a great way to spread your messages and advertising to a wider audience. Automated social media management keeps your personal training pages up to date and engages visitors with relevant information. Visitors see specific posts based on their age, gender and location.

Optimize Your Personal Training Marketing with Detailed Reports

Marketing automation solutions provide detailed reports of who interacted with your personal training messages, who clicked links, opened emails, commented on your social media posts and much more. By reviewing your reports, you can learn exactly where you need to improve.

Sign up for a free trial of SimplyCast 360 to see how marketing automation can pump up your personal training.

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