The Ultimate Marketing Software for Estate Agents is Here

The Ultimate Marketing Software for Estate Agents is Here

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Marketing Software for Estate Agents

Imagine a software for estate agents that allows them to know what a customer is interested in before they make the call or receive the email. With these details, the agent can immediately suggest properties, offer open houses and more. The software allows estate agents to find property that's ready to go on the market and offer targeted marketing directly at homes that people wish to sell, or even industrial space. You as an estate agent can put up listings, email people in specific customer categories to let them know a listing is available with their criteria, share hot properties on social media and offer your monthly newsletter, all from a single software.

That software is here. With customers in over 175 countries, SimplyCast offers a marketing automation platform that is robust, well maintained and geared to be adaptable and scalable to any industry at any level of business. Here are just a few ways an estate agent can benefit from our all in one platform and automate their business processes to save time and money!

Top uses of marketing software for estate agents:

  • Market your properties through targeted mailing lists and get more of the right properties to the right people.
  • Organize your contacts and leads into a concise management software that will allow you the freedom you need to collect data, close sales and build a rapport.
  • Track anonymous leads to see where they come to your site from, what they do on your site and much more.
  • Use tracking data to decide which marketing campaigns are more successful, then A/B split test to narrow it down even more.
  • Build landing pages that will funnel qualified leads into your mailing list.
  • Organize your events and send out automated messages to boost engagement and attendance.

Our software can do all that and much, much more. Because we have all these capabilities, we're uniquely suited to offer our platform to estate agents and property management agencies and help them to grow and succeed. For more information on what we have available, go to our marketing automation page and view our full feature list to learn more about the kind of tools we offer. While you're at it, you may want to bookmark it because we put new content up all the time!

If you want to learn more about SimplyCast's software, you can contact us at, Or you can give us a call. Here's a list of our sales numbers, just in case you don't know which to use:

North America: 1-866-323-6572
Australia: +61.2.8011.3385
United Kingdom: +44.20.7558.8954

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