Master Online Veterinary Advertising Now

Master Online Veterinary Advertising Now

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Online Veterinary Advertising

Imagine that your pet needs a check-up, medication or an operation. What is the first thing you do when you're searching for the best veterinarian clinic? Most people will turn to the internet. People use search engines to find clinics with the best services, best value, positive customer reviews and most convenient locations.

By taking your veterinary advertising online, you increase the number of potential customers who will learn about your clinic and you build your reputation. If you don't know much about online advertising, we're here to help with a few quick tips.

An automated all-in-one Customer Flow Communication solution automates your social media management. It also sends targeted messages to each of your customers to build loyalty.

Turn to Social Media to Boost Visibility

Social media is an effective way to reach new customers, and for a veterinary clinic social media advertisement is ideal. Who doesn't love to look at pictures of cute animals? Hold contests for the cutest cat, cutest dog, cutest exotic pet, etc. The cutest one wins a free year of pet food! Such contests build engagement and excitement for your practice and draw in new customers who otherwise may not have interacted with your clinic.

Customer stories also enjoy high levels of emotional engagement from visitors. Share customers' adoption stories and post photos of your clientele and their beloved pets. Videos of cute pets are even more likely to go viral on social media.

You can also ask your customers to post reviews of your services and customer care online. Reviews gain high trust rates with new potential customers who are looking at your clinic, and often steer customers away from other vets.

Use SMS Reminders to Keep Appointments Consistent

Text messages are opened with just a few minutes of being received, making them very effective for appointment reminders. Text messages are automated based on data in your system so you don't even have to think about it. Before each appointment, the customer will receive a quick text message notifying them of the date and time when they need to be at the clinic.

Focus on SEO and PPC to Effectively Advertise Online

SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) are two options that help you increase your online reach. Analyze your paid ads thoroughly to see if they are creating a good return on investment. SEO is based on creating quality content for your veterinary website. It focuses on specific keywords that are relevant to your industry.

Get Your Clinic on Google+ Local

You want your clinic to appear when someone searches for veterinary services in their area. Customers can post photos and reviews of your clinic, and can even recommend you. This is a great way to build trust and attract new customers.

Retain and Engage Current Customers

How do you ensure that your customers don't switch to other vets who might offer cheaper services or have a more convenient location? Studies have found that excellent customer care is the most important factor people consider when choosing a vet. If you provide consistent customer care year round you can stay connected to customers and build relationships.

After a customer visits the clinic for a routine pet service, send out an automated survey. The survey gathers data about the customer's experience and suggestions for feedback. Surveying your customers regularly ensures that you will always have up to date data about customers' needs and preferences. It also lets customers know that their opinions are important to you. This leads to higher satisfaction rates and builds trust and loyalty.

You can also automatically send out emails featuring products and services that are relevant to their pet. Personalized customer care appeals to your customers and makes it simple to retain their loyalty.

Want to see the difference automation can make for your veterinary clinic? Check out the SimplyCast 360 platform and request an interactive demo to see what it can do.

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