SimplyCast Blog: May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

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May 2014 Newsletter

Asima Realty Open House Sign & Corresponding Text Message

Customer Spotlight

Asima Realty

SimplyCast would like to extend a proud welcome to our newest client in the real estate industry, Asima Realty, who will be using SimplyCast 360 to streamline and automate a number of their marketing and communication processes for the real estate market.

Asima Realty has a unique approach to real estate, seizing the right opportunities to deliver a profitable experience for both buyers and sellers by focusing on 5 core areas: personal development, skill sets, marketing, tools, and client services. Asima Realty is a leader and an innnovator when it comes to technology among real estate companies in North America, and we are proud to say that they have chosen SimplyCast 360 as the tool of choice for the execution of their targeted marketing and communication campaigns.

Asima will be using SimplyCast 360 to automatically microtarget specific buyer and seller leads with personalized, relevent content via their preferred mode of communication. They also plan to use SMS keywords to enable propsective buyers to text a short code to receive information on an available property or open house and begin a conversation. Asima Realty's campaigns will be data-driven and the company plans to focus its marketing and communication strategy around tracking and measuring the success of each individual campaign and optimizing marketing spend accordingly. One of Asima's core areas of focus is empowering their team of real estate agents to increase engagement with clients and prospects using SimplyCast 360.

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See How SimplyCast 360 Can Help You Grow - Sign Up for a Demo !

SimplyCast 360 is in high demand lately, so we've decided to host live demos of the platform to help you understand how it can increase engagement with your target audience. Daily Demos are offered at three convenient times every Monday through Friday - 10am EST, 3pm EST, and 9am GMT +1. Our Flow Experts highlight use cases that they believe will best benefit each demo attendee so that you get the most out of your session. Demos for May are booking up fast so secure your spot while they are still available. Request your demo now below!

SimplyCast Updates - May 2014

Version 8.7 Is All About The Nurturing

Within the next month we will be releasing Version 8.7 of our application, which is designed to help you nurture your leads to increase engagement and ultimately sales. Highlights of Version 8.7 include vast improvements to our landing page generator, including PayPal integration, custom domain support, and heatmap functionality; and the introduction of our much anticipated contact manager, which focuses on lead nurturing, lead scoring, and pipeline management. Follow the Version 8.7 release on our Nurture Page, which is updated daily.

Internet Explorer 8 & Earlier Versions No Longer Supported.

As we continue to improve and advance our platform, we want to make sure we keep you up to date on our current browser support initiatives.  As of Version 8.7, SimplyCast will no longer support versions of Internet Explorer that are Version 8 or earlier. We will continue to support newer versions of Internet Explorer and other internet browsers. Customers who have logged into SimplyCast with Version 8 or older of Internet Explorer have been contacted. If you have questions about this change or other aspects of SimplyCast, please feel free to contact our customer care team.

Featured Video

Marketing Automation for Financial Institutions

This month's Featured Video helps companies in the Financial Industry, such as credit card issuers, retail banks, investment houses and insurers worldwide, understand how to share timely messages using SimplyCast 360 to build client trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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SimplyCast 360 Featured Flow

Increase Engagement With Your Next Newsletter

This month's Featured Flow was designed to help you boost engagement with your next newsletter using SimplyCast 360. This instructional guide shows you how to build a newsletter campaign that will automatically resend your newsletter to anyone who didn't open it, send reminders about promotions to recipients who opened the newsletter but didn't click any links, and follow up with recipients who did click links with personalized, relevent information based on their unique preferences.

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