Medical Marketing Services: How to Do It Yourself

Medical Marketing Services: How to Do It Yourself

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Medical Marketing Services

Developing a medical marketing services plan can be tricky and time-consuming if you do it yourself. Yet you know your patients best, and you know better than anyone what you need from your medical marketing services.

What if you could set up campaigns yourself, and automate them so that you only had to edit it once a month? And add reminders and educational health tips to a social media page? Even send out calls for volunteers to host a community event? Or to help register a small town for immunizations? Now suppose that you could do all of that from a single solution.

What solution could put all my medical marketing services in one place?

SimplyCast 360 is a multi-channel marketing platform that is dedicated to Customer Flow Communication. You can combine marketing automation, inbound marketing and multi-channel communication into one flow that allows you to take care of all of these communication needs. You can do it all from work or from home, and you can also automate it to take place while you're seeing patients. The whole solution is designed to be able to take the reins and release customized content over time, or based on specific triggers, to implement a medical marketing campaign that is both effective and streamlined.

We have customers in over 175 countries and we offer our application in 11 languages. We firmly believe that if you're not succeeding, we're not either. We maintain a blog with tips for your industry, as you know, but we also put up featured flows that show you how to build a given scenario in the application, as well as tutorial videos and a host of other resources to help you learn how to build your own medical marketing services campaigns. With a dedicated support team always available for inquiries, and content that is always expanding, you can count on SimplyCast to help you succeed.

Our communication channels include email, SMS, voice, fax and more to help you build a complete marketing and brand-building project from start to finish.

If all this sounds good, reqeust an interactive demo so that we can demonstrate in real-time with you how the application could be applied to your industry. Don't forget that we love your input. If we can't do something, it's either in development, or a customer hasn't asked about it yet, so make sure that you're helping us help you build the best in medical marketing services! Contact us today!

Check out what marketing automation can do for you!

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