Your Medical Practice Management Software: Expand

Your Medical Practice Management Software: Expand

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Medical Practice Management Software

Medical practice management software (MPM software) can already do a lot. It stores customer data, manages insurance information, and is often integrated into another software that manages and handles patient medical records. It handles internal information and makes the lives of the medical staff who use it much easier. But what if it could do more? Just imagine if your MPM software could remind patients when they had an appointment, update them on changes to your ordinary schedule, remind people when immunizations are available and much more.

That scenario is entirely possible. With our marketing automation platform, emails, text messages and more can be sent out for a multitude of reasons, and it can even make reminder calls go out automatically. This can serve to save your management staff time, and allow you to increase the revenue your medical practice sees, while improving your customer experience all at once! Here are five ways we can work with you to put your medical practice management software on the next level, and elevate your medical practice to the best it can be.

1. Medical Appointment Reminders

Medical appointments are among some of the most missed appointments, and that lost time is costly for doctors. But sending emails out to the patients who have appointments within 24 to 48 hours means that they will be less likely to miss their appointments. What's that? Your customers don't use email? Not a problem. You can also contact them by phone or by SMS. No matter the method of contact, you can ensure that patients get the message quickly, and their appointment is kept.

2. Filling Appointment Spaces

Say your practice has advance notice of a cancellation? What better way to fill that than to reach out to a list of patients who require medical attention and are scheduled for a later appointment? This way, if a cancellation occurs, the list will be notified and will be able to call on a first-come-first-serve basis to fill the open time slots for you. An SMS would be the best way to notify patients of the appointment slot since SMS is typically opened within moments of receiving them. This gives your patients the feeling that you want to serve as many of them as possible and makes them feel more valuable to your medical practice. You fill those empty spots and see more traffic coming through your practice, allowing you to generate more revenue.

3. Run an Email Newsletter

Your patients have to trust you and your practice with a lot of sensitive information about their medical history and habits. As such, they want to know more about you and what you value. There's no better way to share that kind of information than to put out a monthly newsletter. This can serve several purposes at once, in fact. By embedding images and links to developments in medicine that are important to you, new products, offers for discounts on services or even immunization dates, you can assess what patients are most interested in, and begin to form lists of customers who would be interested in developments in medical science, or who are looking for a specific kind of product. This will allow you to send more personalized promotions and emails to your mailing list, giving you the opportunity to further engage your patients.

4. Offer a Welcome Package

One thing that is almost always missing from a doctor's office is clarity with new patients. There are medical records to be gotten, sometimes questionnaires to fill out, and other information that would make the first visit much smoother. A medical practice can easily set up an email to go out to new patients with a greeting and a thank you message from their doctor. This will make them feel more comfortable with your practice, and also allow them some time before their first appointment to get the necessary medical documentation and pre-appointment questions out of the way. So you prep them for your appointment at the same time that you greet them and give them an idea of what to expect before they arrive in your practice. It also allows your management staff to build something of a rapport before the patient ever shows up.

5. Send Out Automated Reminders

Some of your patients have illnesses that will never go away. Diabetes alone affects 8.3% of the world's adult population, and the rates of death were between 1.5-5.1 million deaths per year. Often, this is the case of mismanagement or improper care. Doctors face the frustrating dilemma of only being able to communicate with patients in the office. Patients have issues remembering their maintenance treatments and medication. What if doctors could send personalized encouragements to patients with lifelong illnesses encouraging them to care for their bodies and diets properly, reminding them until it becomes a habit, for those who asked for the help? This is easily set up within our system, and it's something that could enhance the relationship between patients and their medical staff, as well as combat bad habits among those who are more vulnerable to the lack of care. This isn't to say that persons with these diseases don't care for themselves, just that in some cases people might not mind the extra hand.

As you can see, you can take your medical practice management software and not just manage contacts and medical records, but use the contact information to interact with and elevate your patients, making them feel valued, important and cared for, while engaging in preventative medicine by educating and encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your medical practice will, in the end, grow its revenue, reputation and patient loyalty, and cut back on the amount of time that your management staff has to spend on emails to each individual patient, and allow them to spend time on the management of patient information and requests in-office. Have a look at your software and think about how you can enhance and expand what you do and how you care for your patients.

In addition to this article, you can check out other industry-related blogs and articles on our website. You can find more useful resources on our medical practice page, including links and ideas on how you could improve your office management. You can also have a look at all the things our software does on our marketing automation page. If you can think of something our software could do better to help you, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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