Metrics Matter: Take the Pulse of Your Organization

Metrics Matter: Take the Pulse of Your Organization

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Metrics Matter

Metrics are an absolutely essential factor to examine when assessing the health of your organization. Metrics, simply put, are measurements of how your company is doing in specific areas. They reveal hidden truths. They tell you where you are succeeding and where you need to concentrate more of your efforts. Metrics give you a highly detailed view of individual statistics while, at the same time, providing a big-picture view of how your company is performing. If you are overlooking your metrics, you are missing valuable opportunities to improve and grow.

Metrics help to measure action and reaction. Let's say you redesign your company's website (action). You can track users' engagement rates: how they respond to the website and how long they remain on it (reaction). Maybe lots of users are visiting the website, but they are not staying for very long. How many are viewing multiple pages or features? When are they leaving? Is it when they click on a certain page? Is it due to a common problem that is happening while filling out a form? By analyzing your data, you can see exactly where you are losing people.

You can also easily analyze how much of your budget needs to be allotted to which areas. One of the great things about metrics is that they show you areas which need special attention that you may not have considered before. Who and what may be giving you new sources of revenue? If you see a trend, consider expanding your marketing campaigns or developing new ones designed specifically for a sector you may have previously ignored. Metrics unveil secrets and it is up to you and your company's team to capitalize on these secrets.

Cost per acquisition is one important metric our marketing expert says you should focus on if you are in a business where gaining new clients is important. How much are you spending to get someone and how much are you getting back in return? Figures like these are critical when assessing your company's budget and growth plan.

Metrics are vital to the expansion and success of your business. If you keep a close eye on your data, and respond when you realize certain things need to be altered, removed or added to, you will be able to better predict outcomes and manage your resources. We can't stress enough how important it is to monitor and analyze information, as it can mean the difference between your company struggling or prospering.

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