Minimize Applicant Drop-out and Retain Students

Minimize Applicant Drop-out and Retain Students

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Minimize Applicant Drop-out

Recruiting prospects is a costly and time-consuming effort. All the hard work of finding your best prospects and admitting them can be for naught if they fail to complete enrollment. Ensuring applicants complete their enrollment requires following up at critically important times, such as when the application deadline is coming up. The admissions process involving communications and application processing can be a daunting task. Automation streamlines the follow-up process making it possible to interact with student prospects as often as needed to complete enrollment. With recruitment season over, what do you do with all the prospects you worked so hard to acquire?

First things first, don't forget that recruitment efforts do not end with getting applications. All too often, recruitment teams work hard to acquire applications but don't follow up enough to retain them, which results in incomplete admissions and a drop-off after application submission.

Automated communications and reminders can reduce incomplete enrollment by 40 percent. Following up with prospects multiple times greatly increases enrollment success as your school stays front-of-mind. And, since all these reminders are sent automatically, there is no additional work for staff.

Automation allows for efficiency gains by engaging your applicants automatically, which frees up staff to focus on important, one-on-one tasks. One college used automation for their enrollment reminders and it resulted in 81 percent fewer follow-up calls for front-line staff.

Recruitment offices tend to focus on the front end of recruiting (getting applications and marketing) but, what happens after in the post-marketing part of recruitment is just as important. SimplyCast has a role to play in streamlining workflows in addition to marketing. Rather than being limited to a narrow function, the system can be used throughout the student journey.

SimplyCast offers a customizable communication automation solution, popular with recruitment offices of post-secondary institutions for marketing, workflow streamlining, and applicant engagement. The platform allows for personalized campaigns to keep prospective students engaged, for streamlined workflow campaigns to keep your office organized, and for automated campaigns to free up staff to focus on more important tasks.

If you want to see how SimplyCast can help your recruitment office improve communication and streamline work processes, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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