More Problems of Affiliate Marketing - How to Avoid Them

More Problems of Affiliate Marketing - How to Avoid Them

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This misconceptions swirling around affiliate marketing are plentiful. The problem is, however, is that these assumptions drive the 100% avoidable problems with affiliate marketing.

Just like we covered in "4 Problems of Affiliate Marketing and How to Avoid Them," affiliate marketing is its own worst enemy. Understand the potential problems first before they turn around and destroy your efforts.

1. Not being passionate about the products

Or, even just more-than-slight-invested. Without your enthusiasm, how can you expect complete strangers to be excited about the product? You possibly can't.

The Fix: The very best way to overcome this issue is to actually try out what you're reselling (if money wasn't a problem). Essentially, you need to gain a better understanding of what you're promoting so that you'll be able to do a better job at it. Do some research, check customer testimonies, conduct customer surveys – whatever – just take the time to learn about the products.

2. Give only 51% of your effort

Just because one of your clients is a purveyor of high-end nonsense, doesn't automatically mean that they get your best work where a client with run-of-the-mill products gets your worst. Being consistent and professional regardless of the type of client and products not only helps your bottom line but also bolsters your reputation.

The Fix: Be a class act, through and through. You'll attract more clients and retain the ones you have.3. Ignoring Introductions

Having them at hello is what anyone online is looking for. By ignoring that and just shoving products into their faces isn't going to work. Ever. You need to address what the customers' needs are even before they realize they have a problem.

The Fix: Tailor your introduction (or "push"). If you're promoting a perfume, don't start with saying something like, "Did you know you smell?" (exaggerated, I know!). This immediately puts peoples' backs up and they'll think you're sleazy. Instead, try, "Have you ever wanted to smell like freshly washed linens all day?" You're solving their problem even before they knew it.

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