I Mustache You a Question, but I'm Shaving it for Later

I Mustache You a Question, but I'm Shaving it for Later


It is time for another Movember update. As you can see, our team is now a bunch of ferocious mustache beasts.

We have been busy raising money and awareness for men's health, and we wanted to learn a bit more about the history of the mighty mustache.

Turns out this style of facial hair has been popular since BC times! Throughout the centuries, mustaches have been maintained with razors, wax, scissors, brushes and more.

Some policemen received bonuses if they grew a mustache because it has been viewed as a sign of strength.

The "mustache cup," with its specialized design, was even invented in the late 1800s to keep gentlemen's mustaches dry as they sipped their tea.

Special mustache-related items are now all the rage. Clothing, jewelry, dog toys, giant furry car decorations, you name it. The mustache has come a long way.

We hope you're enjoying Movember. Learn more about the crazy antics and fun team events we get up to here at SimplyCast.

Until next time, strut those 'staches guys!

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