Movember Has Begun: Week 1

Movember Has Begun: Week 1

Movember Has Begun

It's moustache time here at SimplyCast! That's right, the team is doing it up in style for Movember. From its humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, Movember has exploded into a worldwide movement, with countless people joining together in support of a great cause.

It's all about raising awareness and funds to fight prostate cancer and improve men's mental health. Learn more about prostate cancer and how you can get involved in the fight.

So here at SimplyCast, we're putting the razors on the shelf and joining the likes of Tom Selleck, Albert Einstein and Ron Burgundy. Check out our Movember team or make a donation.

To learn all about Movember and what you can do to help (women can participate too!), visit the official Movember site.

Health and wellness are of the utmost importance to us at SimplyCast. It's part of our office culture. We are an online multi-channel marketing and communication company, so we are passionate about reaching out to people. And with an adversary like prostate cancer, it's crucially important to reach out and communicate with each other about the facts.

Help us and all other Movember champions to "change the face of men's health" by learning about prostate cancer and other health risks, and taking steps to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Happy Movember! It's going to get hairy...

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