Movember Madness at SimplyCast

Movember Madness at SimplyCast

Movember Madness

Movember team participants

Movember is still in full swing, and the team is in full 'stache mode. This week, we decided to ask our guys: "What's the best thing about rocking a moustache?" The answers may surprise you.

Jonathan: I sound different on the phone when I'm talking to customers. More suave, more distinguished. A few people have actually mistaken my voice for Sir Sean Connery's. I feel great!

Michael M.: It helps me focus. Unquestionably. I mean, this thing practically does my work for me. It throws out ideas, we bounce suggestions off each other, when I go to sleep at night it stays up, surfing the web for information. It's a total workaholic.

Michael C.: What's not to like? It's like a Chia Pet you can take with you everywhere. You can never get bored if you have a moustache.

Shawn: I've been told it makes me look a bit like Vin Diesel or Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. Am I saying that my moustache makes me resemble famous actors? No, no. I'm just saying that's what I've heard from other people...

Alex: Well, personally, I have always aspired to be more like the emperor tamarin monkey. I'm not there yet but I feel like I'm making solid progress this month. The next step is to begin carrying my kids around on my back all day. I think it's totally feasible.

Josh: I get to tell everyone that joke "I moustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later." Cracks them up every time. Never gets old.

Ariel: It goes with anything I wear. It adds a special element to any outfit, makes any sweater cooler, gives me a more mysterious edge. And mostly it just keeps me warm. It's like a little face scarf.

We're having a great time with Movember here at SimplyCast, and team events are a huge part of our office culture. Learn more about our Movember team or to donate.

To learn more about how you can participate in the fight against prostate cancer, visit the prostate cancer awareness website.

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