The Movember Team is Growing

The Movember Team is Growing

Movember Team

It's getting pretty hairy in here. The SimplyCast Office is in its second week of Movember and the hair growing could not be going better. Although we may be looking a little scraggly right now, we are confident that our whiskery crumb catchers will blossom into ferocious soup strainers by the end of the month.

As we all know, Movember helps to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer and men's mental health. Learn more about how you can fight prostate cancer!

SimplyCast is on the ball when it comes to the health and well-being of our employees. It's a part of life at the office. Learn more about our team or help us raise funds for Movember.

Now it's time for some serious business. Our favourite moustaches throughout the years, in no particular order.

Hulk Hogan: His epic bleached horseshoe wrestled its way into our hearts.

Salvadore Dali: His thin, curled up and waxed moustache is almost surreal.

Dr. Phil: His 'stache has its own talk show and offers helpful life advice to other 'staches going through tough times or just in need of some tough love. OK, maybe not, but if any facial hair is better qualified to provide advice, we haven't seen it.

Mark Twain: Was his moustache the secret power behind his story-writing genius? We may never know.

Zorro: He defeated foes with his sword and won friends with his 'stache.

To all moustache champions, past and present, we salute you.

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