SimplyCast Blog: Multi-Channel Sports Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Multi-Channel Sports Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Scary

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Multi-Channel Sports Marketing

Fall is an exciting time for sports. The World Series, the beginning of hockey season, fall football matches... it is a season brimming with unexplored sports marketing possibilities. Yet some teams are so busy at this time of year that they are not marketing to their full potential. They need an easy sports marketing solution that will allow them to save time and focus on the game, while effectively connecting with their fans.

SimplyCast offers sports marketing software that makes it easy to boost fan engagement on multiple levels, without adding to your workload, so that marketing your sports team isn't anywhere near as scary as trying to find a great Halloween costume. Here are some great fan engagement tools that we offer, and some ideas about how you can use them. Oh, and you can use all of them from our single sports marketing solution.

Text messaging (SMS): Sports SMS marketing is a great way to quickly excite fans. Send player updates, contest details and special discounts.

Email: Sports email marketing is ideal for an automated monthly newsletter: what's happening with the team, where they're headed this month, maybe a featured player or highlighted play from last month, pictures of fans and so on.

Facebook: Automatically updated posts make fan engagement on Facebook much less time-consuming. Schedule posts at the beginning of the month that will post at pre-selected times. Images, news, charity games, the team schedule, blurbs about the team's community activities... Frequently updated content keeps your Facebook page fresh.

Twitter: Twitter is meant to be short and sweet, so post links to stories about the team or contests, and offer special promotions to fans who tweet about the team. Social media contests and deals are a fun way to get fans involved.

Voice: Voice messaging can be used for game day reminders or special offers. It is also a good option for fans who do not have internet access.

Automated multi-channel sports marketing software allows you to engage with fans in multiple ways without taking up any more of your time. Focus on your team and your fans, while making it easy for fans to connect with the team in whatever way they prefer.

SimplyCast 360 is a sports marketing solution to increase fan engagement, simplify fan relationship management and promote your sports team.

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Kyle Beauchamp, Director, Sports Business Development at SimplyCast, is passionate about the sports industry and finding new ways for teams to connect with their fans. His knowledge of sports marketing will help you find the ideal sports marketing solution for your needs.

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