Bring in International Clients with Multi-Lingual Automation

Bring in International Clients with Multi-Lingual Automation

Multi-Lingual Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing, the biggest thing that international leads and customers seek is tools in their own languages. If you want to be a truly worldwide company, you need to offer tools in multiple languages.

One way to add to your offering is by becoming a marketing automation reseller. No matter what your business is, providing marketing automation tools will introduce a new revenue stream. Reselling these tools in multiple languages enables your business to capture a larger portion of potential leads.

Why would I be interested in reselling marketing automation?

Marketing automation is in high demand, but it is still relatively new outside of the IT industry. That means that there are still many opportunities to offer these tools before your competitors. Small businesses are seeking affordable marketing automation tools, but there are not a lot of platforms offering these tools in conjunction with other tools relevant to their industry.

For example, there are businesses offering marketing automation and there are businesses offering web hosting services. But there are not as many businesses that have combined these two offerings. Providing multiple services in one platform greatly increases customer attraction, loyalty and retention. The more services customers purchase from one business, the more likely they will stick around.

Reselling marketing automation helps you enter an entirely new market and generate a new high profit revenue stream. You don't have to develop or test any of the tools. You just put your own branding on them.

Why offer marketing automation in multiple languages?

If you want your business to really go global, you need to offer more languages than just English. If you only provide marketing automation tools in a single language, it greatly limits the amount of people who can use your tools. If potential international customers are interested in your tools, they may not be able to use them if you don't have various languages.

Offering multi-language tools also helps you entice customers away from your competitors. Not many marketing automation resellers offer different languages, so you will be ahead of the curve.

You will be able to attract new customers from all over the world, who will feel comfortable using your tools and will build greater loyalty.

How do I find a reseller platform that includes multiple languages?

The easiest way to find out if reseller platforms offer multi-language tools is to look on their website or ask a member of their reseller team.

In the case of our SimplyCast reseller program, our platform includes 14 languages. This versatility helps our resellers all over the world gain new customers and increase their revenue.

Contact our friendly reseller team at to learn how you can resell SimplyCast's marketing automation solution. Our all-in-one solution includes over 15 channels for communication and marketing. It is also easy to use so there's not an insurmountable learning curve for customers. Our team is waiting to answer your questions.

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