Multi-User Accounts: What Are They and Why Use Them?

Multi-User Accounts: What Are They and Why Use Them?

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Multi-User Accounts

If you have a big marketing campaign going out, you may have multiple staff members working on different aspects. How do you coordinate staff efforts and make sure no one is altering content that they shouldn't be? A simple solution is to use multi-user accounts.

Multi-user accounts are different accounts for different users within the same master account. The main account holder controls the permissions for each of the other users. You can set various levels of permission for each different user.

Multi-user accounts enable different employees to work on the same campaign without disrupting each other's progress. Multi-user accounts are especially useful for marketing agencies, recruiting firms and other businesses where many staff members coordinate on single campaigns.

We offer multi-user accounts for the convenience of our customers. What a user can or cannot do is controlled by their logins, so you never have to worry. Multi-user accounts are only included for SimplyCast 360 plans.

Now let's take some customer questions.

What types of permissions can I set?

You can control who has access to specific communication channels. You can also grant or restrict access to create, edit and delete campaigns and projects for each user. In the SimplyCast 360 work space, you can even decide who can move nodes and change the layout of your campaign.

You can also restrict access for which users are allowed to see your account information. You can, for example, hide billing information from specific users.

Are multi-user accounts available for every type of plan (Free, Startup, Basic, Professional, Enterprise)?

Yes, multi-user accounts are available for each plan. The number of multi-user accounts varies depending on your plan. Please see the next question.

How many multi-user accounts can I have for a single project?

It depends what level of plan you have. Enterprise includes 10 multi-user accounts, Professional has 5, Basic includes 3, and Startup and Free both have 1.

Can I purchase additional multi-user accounts if I need them?

Yes, you can purchase additional multi-user accounts for $25 each.

Which communication channels have multi-user account functionality?

You can have multi-user accounts for every channel. No matter what type of campaign you are working on, you can have complete control over your staff permissions.

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