Music Marketing: Promote Your Band With Marketing Automation

Music Marketing: Promote Your Band With Marketing Automation

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Music Marketing

 Music promotion, or rather music self-promotion, is something that not many people would associate with marketing automation. The truth, though, is that marketing automation will boost word of mouth marketing and engage your fans. Let's explore some examples of how to promote your band using marketing automation to boost engagement.

What types of promotional tools can benefit from marketing automation?

Start with social media. This is the biggest and best way to generate awareness early on, and if you stick with it you'll continue to generate returns on your investment. You need to engage people. You want them to relate and to enjoy their experience, but you also want to offer some incentive to share and like your content. Maybe the first twenty people to like your page get free copies of your first album, or they get a t-shirt or win tickets to your event. Maintaining this with contests and giveaways is also important. Share general posts, as well as updates, comments from band members and more. Reply to comments too. That goes a long way.

After that, you can look at automating emails and even text messages to fans who have signed up, joined a fan club, or even purchased tickets for events. Thank you messages, special offers, and a monthly newsletter all go a long way as well. Be personal. Use tags to insert the customer's name and target their personal interests. Those things go a long way to making someone feel valued. Be open to suggestions from fans on where to tour, what type of venue is best, and what type of merchandise they would like to see. Engaging with your customers and fans isn't always easy, especially with a hectic schedule. Marketing automation will help you save time and money, that you can then use to create an even better fan experience!

All these things go a long way to promote your band, especially in the beginning stages. It's equally important to big groups, however, to maintain a personal connection in their marketing and promotion. Check out our custom built page for the music industry, and then head on over to see what marketing automation can do for you!

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