My SimplyCast Experience: Ian McKee

My SimplyCast Experience: Ian McKee

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my simplycast experience

With all of the current events going on, COVID-19 has had a great impact on all of our lives and has greatly changed what we call a typical day. Going to work has a whole new meaning with most people needing to stay home and work from there. Going into my first co-op placement, I did not know what to expect as this was a new experience for not only me, but the company as well.

From the very first day of starting at SimplyCast, they made me feel welcomed and a part of the team; and they made it feel that I was there for work, not that I had work to do. Even though I was working online and far from the actual location of the physical company, it felt as if I was there. This helped to make it much easier with all of the onboarding processes and tasks that I needed to do when first starting out to become fully an employee, as well as all of the future work that I would do.  

My Responsibilities

For my co-op, I was brought onto to be a part of their organic content marketing team as a marketing technology associate. My job was to come up with and create content for two company applications that I was specifically assigned. This entailed a variety of different tasks that I worked on throughout my work term. The main task that I had that stayed the same throughout my co-op term was coming up with and creating multiple blogs each week that talked about my applications and the information surrounding them. This task took up most of my time as we basically had to complete one blog per day. We also had to come up with and create social media posts each week that were to be posted on SimplyCast various social media sites, to help promote new blogs or other information. 

I also got assigned some bigger tasks once in a while that I needed to complete on top of my blogs. This included things such as creating a whitepaper where we had to create a more professional style blog with more in-depth information, as well as including a use case of how the application could be used.

Another task was a webinar that went over one of our applications and covered information about it such as FAQs, features, use cases, and more. And our most recent task was creating an online course for one off our assigned applications. This is where we had to create information to help people learn how to use and better understand our applications and then make quizzes that they would take after they had read all the information.

We also got the amazing opportunity to take part in ICTC certification and complete some courses. We had to take the Cybersecurity course for our co-op term but we also were able to choose another course to do if we wanted. I chose to do the Fintech course, as that one most interested me compared to the other ones. This was a great experience as not only did it let you learn more in-depth information about a given area of interest, it is also something that you can put on your resume.

All of these tasks and assignments have helped me to greatly improve a variety of my skills, such as my writing and, even more so, my creative writing skills, as well as my time management and organizational skills.

Overall, I am thankful to have been a part of such a great and helpful team and to be a part of an amazing family. If you are someone who is looking for a co-op placement, I strongly recommend this as an option as it gives you great work experience and room to grow, along with amazing support from everyone to help you along the way. As the saying goes “Once a SimplyCaster, always a SimplyCaster!”

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