Why You Need a Business Blog

Why You Need a Business Blog

Business Blog

Blogging is another very effective form of communication between a business and customers.

It isn't a marketing trend that's going to go away anytime soon; on the contrary, business blogging is a growing without an end.

So, let's let the amazing advantages of business blogging speak for themselves.

1. Cheap Form of Advertising

Especially for small businesses without huge marketing budgets, blogs is a free way to establish an online presence. Further, for larger businesses, the cost of blogging is nearly zero, (unless you count the time spent on writing as an expense). Adding a blog to an existing website is easy and even people without extensive HTML know-how can start one quickly.

2. Great Partner for Email Marketing / SMS / Social Media

A blog links email, SMS, social media and other online marketing strategies together cohesively. Publicizing your new blogs in your emails and Twitter posts, drives traffic back to your site which is what we all want. Your blog posts also encourage new readers to sign up for your emails, SMS messages and fax marketing blasts. Finally, you'll drive readers to "Like" you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. And, if you ever run out of topics to Tweet about, you always have your latest blog post.

3. Other Great Benefits

  • Builds brand recognition
  • Establishes your company as an industry expert
  • Drive visitors to your website • Increases search engine rank
  • Humanizes your company
  • Get customer feedback and buy-in

Disadvantages of Business Blogging

  • Keep these points in the back of your mind as you blog.
  • It may be difficult to monitor and stay on top of readers' comments. Negative comments may be fuel for a press firestorm.
  • Writing consistently great blogs is challenging – everyone runs out of steam every now and then.
  • Maintaining blogs is challenging for overworked staffers. Blogging may slip on the priority list.
  • Sometimes internal, private company information finds its way into a blog. This also applies to personal information.

Now, do you see why it is time to get a company blog? For those who already have one, we would love to see them. Please post your company blog in the comments.

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