Do I Need a Managed Email Marketing Solution?

Do I Need a Managed Email Marketing Solution?

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Managed Email Marketing Solution

If you're starting to ask whether or not you need a managed email marketing service, the answer may already be forming in front of you.

Despite what you may hear some people saying, email marketing is still an extremely valuable tool to have in your marketing strategy. You may assume that many of the countless promotional emails that cloud your inbox are simply deleted as soon as they come in, but ROI for email is 122%! Now how can that be when we find ourselves putting so many emails into the trash can?

Simple: the people that are seeing major ROI with their email campaigns have an expert guiding them!

Can managed email marketing improve my deliverability?

When you use a managed email marketing solution, the best programs provide you with access to a specialist who lives and breaths strong subject lines and deliverability rates. These experts can provide insight by reviewing both previous and upcoming email campaigns to find out what can be changed. Everything from missing alt tags to images to subject line wording can affect whether or not your messages reach the inbox or get marked as spam.

Is there managed email marketing for content?

Many organizations have teams of content creators, copywriters, and designers that create their public-facing resources. Unfortunately, not every company can afford this, which is why you should look for a service that offers content creation. Not only can this type of service save you time, but allows to get more work down without hiring an entirely new employee. You benefit from an industry professional creating your own messages that connect with your audience and are built to meet objectives such as hitting conversions, getting RSVPs, or simply providing clear information.

Can I get reports using a managed email marketing service?

If you're using an industry standard service, you should be dealing with professionals who help you set clear goals for your sends based on your targets. Once a campaign is done, you can have someone compile a report noting the best results and areas that could use improvement. As oppose to you diving into the open rates, link clicks, and heat maps, you get everything delivered in one document.

Does SimplyCast have a managed email marketing service?

Absolutely – we wouldn't be an industry leader in marketing automation and engagement if we didn't! Our Hands-Free program offers everything noted above and more with a team made up of professionals with backgrounds in public relations, marketing, and journalism.

The best part? We offer one of the most competitive packages in the industry with your money going to towards clearly defined times with our team. You don't have to worry about getting billed for skyrocketing hours, and you aren't contained to one specific campaign type.

Make Hands-Free your managed email marketing service today!

Sound too good to be true? Visit our Hands-Free page or email us at today with your questions, or to get a quote and we'll find out what package works best for you.

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