New and Updated Features in Version 8.2

New and Updated Features in Version 8.2

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You will be happy to know we have been working hard here at SimplyCast to improve our application for you. Version 8.2 will be released Monday, August 26 and we would like to share a sneak preview of some of the great new features you can expect.

First of all, new Email templates! New templates are always requested by our customers and our design team has created a brand new selection to choose from. In the Simple Editor, we have added image resizing options to make it easier for you to fit your image in exactly the place you want it. We have also added Tumblr to the social share block and social follow block and Youtube to the social follow block. This allows your subscribers to easily connect with you on even more of your social media pages.

When it comes to Facebook, we have redesigned the edit page to make it easier to view and edit your posts, and to make that process more efficient. You can now specify gender, country and age to better target your posts. These posts will appear in different news feeds based on the variables you specify. And if you want to attach a form or survey to your Facebook page, you can now do that through an easy to use layout in your SimplyCast account.

Speaking of Forms and Surveys, they have received lots of attention as well. There are new form elements that are available to add in, better distribution and reports, a new "Management" tab and the always popular Facebook "Like" button. Forms can now be categorized by poll, quiz or contest to make your Form projects easier to sort.

How about Event? We want your next event to be the talk of the town, so we have made lots of great updates to the Event application. Make your event landing page prettier with new color schemes, and decide which social share buttons you want to include on the landing page. If you want to include a link to your website (or a related website) on your event landing page, you now have the option to include a link or a button to direct people to the other website. You can add meta data to help people and search engines find your event and to attract more attendees. There's even an event countdown that can be turned on or off so people can see the exact time left until your event begins. When you're looking over your report data, you can now see exactly how many people viewed your event landing page.

When you're creating your event in our application, the review process is now more comprehensive to ensure that you have completed all the steps successfully. You can easily send email and SMS invitations as well as email reminders to keep your event fresh in the minds of your invitees.

Our Fax application has a new easier to use user interface and a new time zone selector. Both of these updated features are based on customer feedback.

The 360 Automation Manager now integrates with external systems so you can create contact projects on your computer and send them directly to the 360 Automation Manager without having to manually create a campaign in our application. Simply have your computer tell the 360 Automation Manager what to do and which contacts to communicate with or notify. When you are creating a 360 Automation Manager campaign, it is now easier to add elements and restrictions through simple pop-up windows, and to create and manage time triggers. You can now also send surveys to your subscribers using the 360 Automation Manager!

In our application itself, we are constantly adding more video tutorials to make message creation easier for our users. We have also added a top bar clock that displays the time zone that our system currently thinks you are in. This feature can help you when you're deciding when to schedule messages to be sent to your subscribers. We are updating scheduling for Version 8.2, and we have also made some changes to make workflow navigation much easier when you are creating projects.

Many of the ongoing improvements are based on customer feedback from our users, and we are constantly working to make our application easier to use and add or update features to better address your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions or feature requests. We love to hear from you!

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