New Canadian Data Center Open for Business

New Canadian Data Center Open for Business

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Canadian Data Center

It is funny how "Canadian" it is at SimplyCast today considering, we run operations out of Nova Scotia, Canada. So why all the patriotism and flag waving?

Well, today we officially rolled out our Canadian Data Center with a press release and a few newly signed on clients.

The data centre is the final piece of the puzzle to offer a 100% Canadian marketing experience for clients. The data is stored at home, the currency is in Canadian loonies and the marketing tools are totally bilingual.

Everything is a go for Canadian organizations to sign on and use SimplyCast for marketing, communications and data storage.

So who is contacting us about data storage? Government, universities, military and other large Canadian organizations. This is because they are pretty much mandated to store data on this side of the border.

Here is a bit of the press release that was put out today.

The data center, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, will give SimplyCast clients the option of storing their company and client data completely in Canada. This is increasingly becoming a must for Canadian organizations due to Canada having much stricter privacy laws and the fact that it is now required by many government agencies and universities to keep data within Canada's borders. "The Canadian data center is ideal for Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Canadian businesses and institutions looking to keep their data safe and at home," said Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of SimplyCast. "As a proud Canadian company, this will open up a new market that we previously could not enter." Read and share the full release.

So, we will continue to celebrate our Canadian ways today and continue doing our part to make marketing easy and fun.

Remember, email marketing is just one of the powerful tools we offer. Regardless of whether you are Canadian, American or from the Moon, we think you should sign up for a free account right now.

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