The New CRM: Nurture Leads, Manage Contacts and More

The New CRM: Nurture Leads, Manage Contacts and More

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The New CRM

We recently told you that Version 8.7 of our application is being launched soon. Now we want to go into more detail about the most exciting part: a comprehensive and powerful new Contact Manager. What is the Contact Manager? Why is it so awesome? What features does it include?

The Contact Manager, as the name suggests, enables you to easily and efficiently manage your contacts and track the history, behavior and preferences of everyone you are in contact with. It also allows you to nurture new leads so you can learn all about their needs and convert them into loyal customers.

The Contact Manager's functionality and features are based largely on requests and feedback from our customers. You told us exactly what you want, and we have been working hard to create tools that will meet your needs and provide flexibility for each unique business and communication process.

Using the Contact Manager, you can view any individual contact's activity, and set up marketing tasks and timelines for that contact as well as add notes that provide more information about the contact.

When it comes to leads, you can score your leads, i.e. rank them according to how engaged they are with your content. You score them with a number, so you can keep track of exactly how active they are and how much you want to focus on them. Lead scoring can be an automated or manual process.

You can also rate leads depending on whether or not you determine them to be a hot lead, based on the data you have gathered about them. Scoring your leads makes it easier to know who you should focus on, and increases sales and marketing effectiveness.

You now have the ability to add and move leads in your pipeline manually or automatically. SimplyCast 360 can automate the process for you so that it can move leads through different stages of your pipeline. If you want to manually add a lead to your pipeline or move a lead who is already in your pipeline, simply use the Pipeline Editor. The Contact Manager will always show which stage of the pipeline your lead is in so you never lose track.

With the improved functionality of the Contact Manager, you are not only able to efficiently manage all your contact data, but you are also able to nurture and manage leads and track behavior. You can track anonymous visitors to your site even if they don't sign up for anything or interact with your content, so you have a more complete picture of who is on your site and what they are doing while they're there.

We also integrate with third party CRMs, so even if you store your data elsewhere you can still take advantage of all our unique tools to make your marketing and sales processes much more efficient.

You can set up multi-user accounts, which will enable different users to work on the same campaign with varying levels of permissions. The main account holder controls and sets the permission for the other accounts, so you are always on top of who has access to which functions and which parts of the campaign or process.

Want better control over your contacts and leads? Want improved productivity? Want the ability to connect with new leads like never before? Version 8.7 will give you the most control, functionality and possibilities you have ever had, and it will be here in just a few short days.

We would love to hear your comments and questions. Ready to experience the power of 8.7? Call us today at 866.323.6572, ext. 2 to learn more about the conversion process. Customers will be migrated in batches and will see a conversion option available on the Dashboard to initiate the conversion.

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