New Features Added to Voice Broadcasting App

New Features Added to Voice Broadcasting App

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Voice Broadcasting App

Are you using voice messages to market your company? You should be.

The best part, you can get started for free in only a few minutes.

Today, we are happy to let you know that a new version of our voice broadcasting app is live. What is different? Well it looks great for starters and we have added a few features that will make voice marketing very easy to do.

In just a few minutes, upload a voice message or use the text to speech option to type what you want to say.

Pick your options and send it to your list of customers. Pretty easy right?

You can also schedule exactly when you want your message to go out and sit back and let our solution do the work for you.

New Features

Audio File Types - When uploading a message, you can use WAV files, MP3 files or Ogg files.

Text to Speech - Type in what you want your message to say and it will be converted to voice. You even get to pick your type of voice. How does British female sound?

Leave a Message Options - If an answering machine or voice mail picks up, you can choose to leave your message or you can now leave no message at all.

Unsubscribe Process - You can add a message that we record that states pressing 9 will unsubscribe you. You can add a  message that you record to do the same. Or you can include no unsubscribe process (which we don't recommend).

Verify From Number - Have the from phone number verified in a few seconds. To add, enter the number and a unique code will get sent back to verify. This makes everything much more secure.

Price Estimate - After you create your campaign, get an estimate cost of the send before you hit the final button. Our system goes over the numbers in your list to do the calculations.

Coming Soon

Auto Retry - Choose how many times the system will try to contact each number in your list and what actions to take when.

Try for Free

Now that you know how easy using voice is, why not try it for free. Sign up today and you can call 33 calls without committing to anything.  Once you are on board, packages start as low as $3 for 100 calls. See the full voice pricing breakdown here.

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