New Marketing Automation: Purpose Built for Agencies

New Marketing Automation: Purpose Built for Agencies

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 New Marketing Automation

SimplyCast is proud to introduce our new model, Agency365. Agency365 is a customer-driven project that was created by putting together key feature requests from real marketing and advertising agencies.

What is Agency365?

Agency365 is composed of our flagship SimplyCast 360 at its core, but it also contains some additional features that make it ideal for agencies. Ten unique client accounts and ten user logins come with Agency365, and the master user sets the permissions for each. The multi-user functionality enables clients to assign their staff specific permissions to keep projects organized.

Each employee who logs in using one of those user logins is assigned a role and given certain permissions that allow them to edit, delete, create and manage campaigns and client billing for the assigned client accounts. This allows the agency to determine what employees are working on within each campaign. To eliminate confusion, there is just a single sign-in point. In combination with the standard SimplyCast 360 features, Agency365 becomes a robust, powerful tool for agencies to automate marketing and provide comprehensive managed services.

Agency365 comes with a package of 150,000 contacts that get divided up among the ten unique client accounts. This can be shifted dynamically, allowing for increased flexibility. For example, if one month the agency has a client who needs 80,000 contacts, but the next month that client gives up their account and someone new signs up who needs 70,000 contacts, the switch can be made easily.

How do I benefit?

When an agency signs up for Agency365, they pay a monthly fee for the central account that manages permissions and oversees the unique logins. What you charge your clients for your managed service fee is up to you. The profits are all yours.

The agency can also purchase additional logins and contacts as necessary. This allows the agency to keep growing. Not only can you make back what you spend monthly, you can also profit significantly.

If you would like more information, our partnership team is standing by to answer your questions. Drop them a line at or give them a call at 1-866-323-6572, ext. 4.

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