New Movies in Theaters: Spread the Word Effectively

New Movies in Theaters: Spread the Word Effectively

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New Movies in Theaters

New movies are coming out all the time, and you need to draw people in to your movie theater. How do you keep viewers coming back, buying concessions and recommending your theater to their friends? You need to connect with each of your viewers and keep in touch with them throughout the year. You need to provide attractive incentives that get them excited about going to see new movies. Make your viewers feel like members of an exclusive club by encouraging them to sign up for updates and promotions.

Here are a few ways to attract new viewers and boost your revenue. Use an automated movie marketing solution to create and send messages so you can save time and money. Automating your process enables you to reach out to viewers more effectively and keep them coming back to your theater.

First of All, the Signup

Encourage your viewers to sign up for your promotional movie messages. Provide a signup form on your movie theater website and your social media pages. Keep it simple so it only takes a minute to fill the form out. That way, people won't get frustrated and drop off.

In order to gain subscribers, you need to offer definite value. Tell your viewers what they will get when they sign up: exclusive discounts, special pre-release tickets, coupons for concessions and so on. This will get viewers interested.

It's a good idea to offer your viewers both email and text message promotions so they can pick whichever method is most convenient for them. With an all-in-one movie theater marketing solution, you have many different types of communication to choose from. Automated solutions also include pre-made email templates so you don't need any design skills.

Now, Create Enticing Movie Messages

Create a schedule for your messages. It's a good idea to test your message sends in order to see which send time and frequency your subscribers respond to best. There are lots of messages you can send out, and it's a good idea to focus on messages that create viewer interaction.

Viewers can only get these awesome messages if they sign up, which creates a feeling of exclusivity and builds loyalty and excitement.

  • Bring a friend promotions: This type of promotion helps draw in more viewers, which means you can sell more concessions and get more people in to see your new movies. Offer your subscribers a promotion to bring a friend to the movies for free when they show their coupon either on their smartphone or printed.
  • Coupons for concessions: When viewers purchase concessions, you can make a lot more money. But sometimes viewers will sneak snacks in to new movies instead because they don't want to spend the money on concessions. Discount coupons encourage your viewers to get their snacks at the movie.
  • Exclusive pre-release tickets and seating: Everyone wants to feel like a VIP, and by subscribing to your messages they will! Send out notifications for a hot new movie before it is released so your subscribers can get purchase tickets and book the best seats. This way, the movie won't be sold out before they can get tickets and they are sure to get the best seats in the house.

Then, Promote Your New Movies on Social Media

To reach a wider audience for your new movies in theaters, create automated posts for social media. Many viewers will check out your social media pages before they decide to visit the theater. Schedule a series of posts to go out at specific times. That way, you don't have to worry about constantly updating your social media pages.

What should you post? Post "coming soon" messages leading up to the new movie release date and post a trailer whenever a new movie comes out. This builds excitement and gets viewers in. Create contests that enable viewers to win tickets or even an exclusive pre-release screening party. Contest posts are shared very often on social media so your message will be spread to a much wider audience. You can also send out posts with discounts or coupon codes that viewers will get when they share your post.

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