New Permissions are Available for Multi-User Accounts

New Permissions are Available for Multi-User Accounts

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Multi-User Accounts

When you have multiple staff members working on a campaign, it is often challenging to set boundaries. Who is in charge of doing what? Who has access to certain information? Being able to set specific permissions for each staff member means that you have complete control over your campaigns. Here we provide an overview of our new permissions and what you can do with them.

How do permissions work?

Permissions are set in multi-user accounts. Each user can have a separate set of permissions. The permissions for each user are set by the master account holder. Permissions are activated when each user logs in. You can set different permissions for each individual channel. You can even limit which channels users have access to. Permissions may be updated by the main user at any time.

What are the benefits of setting permissions?

Creating permissions for each user gives you ultimate control over who has access to what in your campaigns. It avoids staff confusion and keeps everything organized. Using permissions, you can essentially manage each campaign without having to oversee every detail.

Multi-user accounts are ideal for marketing agencies, recruiting firms or any other business that has multiple staff members working on campaigns.

What general types of permissions can I set?

Although each channel has its own unique set of permissions, there are many general permissions. These include access to the channel itself, access to create campaigns, edit campaigns, delete campaigns, send or stop sending campaigns, view campaigns, view and edit lists, view reports, create and edit sales pipelines and much more.

Who has access to multi-user accounts?

Multi-user accounts are only available in SimplyCast 360. To learn more about multi-user accounts and permissions, contact our amazing customer support team. Sign up for a free trial of SimplyCast 360.

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