Internet Marketing for Restaurants: New Tools Available

Internet Marketing for Restaurants: New Tools Available

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What methods do you currently use to get customers into your restaurant? New tools for internet marketing for restaurants help you reach out to new leads without increasing your marketing budget.

Attract customers on a slow day

Bring in new customers at the slowest times of the week with special time-sensitive promotions and coupons. Automated text message reminders are the ideal way to reach customers quickly. People carry their mobile devices wherever they go and usually check their text messages within five minutes of receiving them. You can take advantage of that fact. Text messages can be triggered instantly. Promotions sent out at lunch target hungry customers.

Spread your word of mouth marketing

Nothing brings in new customers like a positive review. One of the most effective ways of increasing the reach of your best reviews is to post them on your social media pages. Social media reaches thousands of potential new customers. You can easily automate your social media posting so you don't have to spend a lot of time managing your messages. If your customers are hesitant to share their reviews on social media, offer an incentive such as a coupon.

Bring in groups of customers to celebrate

When it's a customer's birthday or anniversary, they want to celebrate with friends and family! Attract the customer and their group by offering a special promotion. If it's their birthday, provide a special group discount for parties of over five customers. If it's their anniversary, offer a free appetizer or free dessert for two with the purchase of any meal. An automated restaurant marketing tool keeps track of each registered customer's special dates and sends them perfectly timed messages. This helps to build engagement and loyalty.

Keep customers interested year round

Email lists of monthly restaurant events and promotions to customers who sign up to receive them. This lets customers know about exciting upcoming items and keeps them engaged throughout the year. Create email newsletters in advance and schedule them to go out around the beginning of each month. After emails have been sent, review your email reports to see which emails get the best response. Use this information to improve the subject lines, send time, and marketing content of future emails.

Manage all your internet marketing for restaurants

The most affordable, most effective way to manage multi-channel marketing campaigns is to use an all-in-one solution that includes different channels of communication. You keep all your data in one easy-to-access place. You only pay for one solution yet you are able to reach out to customers in many different ways.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of our all-in-one internet marketing for solution. It enables you to easily run and analyze marketing campaigns through email, text message, Facebook and voicemail. It includes other internet marketing tools like contact management, survey and more.

If you have any questions about how SimplyCast can help your internet marketing for restaurants, contact us today!

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