New Updates to SimplyCast's Form Builder

New Updates to SimplyCast's Form Builder

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Online forms are vital to collecting opt-in user data for email, fax, SMS and many other marketing campaigns.

SimplyCast has always offered an easy-to-use form builder tool, but it always lacked that final bit of flash to make it truly one of the best.

After many usability tests and internal debates, we let one of our star developers go at it and take it to that next level.

We hope the updates will increase the efficiency and enjoyment of making web forms.

Here are the updates we have made from previous versions of the form builder tool.

New Themed Templates

We have added several new ready-to-go templates with various themes. There are ones with photos or more generic signup forms. From the template gallery, just click on the one you want and click use this template. We are adding more all the time and taking requests if there is one you would like to see.

Drag-and-Drop Channel Input 

Now you can easily just choose the type of data you want to collect and drag it into your form template. For channel selection, we offer email, SMS, and fax. This would collect email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers. Once you add the field to your form, they are all fully customizable if you want.

The entire editor is based on our Simple Editor which is used with our email marketing software. It really is a dream for anyone who wants to customize every last detail of their form.

Drag-and-Drop Form Elements

We also offer drag-and-drop for your elements. This can include a checkbox, dropdown, textbox input, state select, label, image, text input and country select. Drag in as many as you want, then customize and rearrange your form simply by dragging the boxes.

Once you are all finished your form, you can even publish it as a template so you can use it again for another campaign, or for a template for your next form. Might as well save your work for another time right?

Ready to Use?

Now that you have seen some of the updates to our form builder, you can sign up and use it for free. As part of our Epic Free plan, you get to have one form active before the need to upgrade.

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