Changing The Game: Nightclub Marketing Automation Advantages

Changing The Game: Nightclub Marketing Automation Advantages

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Nightclub Marketing Automation Advantages

Nightclub marketing has and probably will always be focused on word of mouth. People sharing the stories of the hottest place in town, the best nightlife, best place to pick up, best whatever. And that's fine. You might think that a word of mouth based market isn't the place for marketing automation. And I can understand why you would. If you rely on computers, why bother with automation processes on computers, right? Well, that's where there is a common misconception. It's fine to say that, but then you miss out on a huge advantage over everyone else who is saying that.

Marketing automation has a huge impact on your business. Here are just a few examples of how marketing automation can benefit a nightclub, over and above advertising via general email blasts.

  • Events: the proper marketing automation solution can allow you to plan and execute events that are ticket admission or even free admission, produce promotional materials about the event, and add other things such as email notifications, or SMS reminders the day of. Events already bring in a ton of people. Why not automate reminders and invitations to your mailing list?
  • Use SMS to promote a signature product: Bartenders usually have specialty drinks, and at the vary least, events almost always do. Allow people to sign up for SMS messages the night of a given event, or once a Saturday to tell them what the special is this weekend. Change it up sometimes to keep them guessing, so that they'll consistently read the messages your nightclub sends.
  • Newsletters: Keeping your customers up to date with what you're doing to benefit them and make your establishment better is always a good idea, and especially useful in nightclubs, as it makes them feel valued, something that a great many nightlife businesses don't really do. The experience ends when you leave. You can also use this to give advance notice for big events, or popular specials. Even announce your participation in local events.
  • Social Media: Taking advantage of the largest word of mouth community to date to get your message out there, and offering exclusive deals and contests to your social media fans goes a long way in marketing terms. It's something that takes patience and dedication but will pay off in steadily larger ways over time. Always engaging people and keeping them apprised of social media deals is a great way to encourage traffic in your nightclub.

These are just a few of many ideas that can help benefit you and your marketing staff. Ways that you can interact with and engage with your fans, and automate the process to boot! This will leave you your staff with more available time and money to put into making the best customer experience you are capable of creating. Check out other ways marketing automation can help you, and also our exclusively designed page for bars and nightclubs!

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