SimplyCast Blog: No More Delays on the SimplyCast Superhighway

No More Delays on the SimplyCast Superhighway

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During the summer months, many people enter vacation mode and that can mean traveling to see family members or to unwind from a busy job. Of course, with traveling comes delays of some sort. Waiting around can be a real bother when you are trying to get to where you want to go.

The SimplyCast team has taken that inconvenience to heart when creating the newest edition of our email marketing service. Version 5.0 has an upgraded infrastructure that will provide fast and accessible applications. What does that mean to you? No More Delays!

With the full switch to Version 5.0 complete, the SimplyCast team is ready to celebrate. That means we want to share the excitement with you. Use coupon code LAUNCHDAY at the point of purchase and receive 30% OFF one month of service.
I won't go into the nitty-gritty of it all but just be ready for a much faster ride when navigating around the application, uploading lists or sending out your mailings. Fast is good and we are hoping this makes life a little easier when using SimplyCast. Now, if only we could help you out with highway gridlock as you try to get to the cottage this weekend.
Sign-up and try out the new version of SimplyCast for yourself. We are pretty optimistic you will like what you see.
View more information on all of the new features and important information regarding the switch to Version 5.0.

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