SimplyCast Blog: No Shoes? No Problem!

No Shoes? No Problem!

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No Shoes? No Problem!

Tell us: what is the very first thing you do when you walk into your house or apartment? Let us guess: kick off your shoes? There's something about the feeling of letting your feet relax in some cozy socks without the restrictions of shoes.

You typically wear your shoes all day long, and that can make your feet feel stiff and overheated. But what if you could get that comfortable, relaxed feeling at your workplace? That is exactly what we're aiming for with our new "No Shoes" policy. SimplyCast wants our employees to be as happy as possible at work.

The policy is just a part of our overall office culture. We have a game room, a nap room, snacks available for our employees and other amenities. Our office is designed to be a fun, comfortable environment.

Many of our employees have adopted the policy and are loving the relaxed feeling. For those of us who have perpetually cold feet, cozy slippers are the ideal way to go. Not wearing outdoor shoes in the office also helps us maintain a clean, homey environment.

What's the best part of the "No Shoes" policy? We do our best thinking in our socks!

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